Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Beauty Starts From The Inside.

What we eat it shows in our skin in order to improve our health and skin we need to take a good look in what we consume day by day how much nutrients and vitamins are you getting in your system. Is it sufficient? Do you see changes in your complexion? For instance is it dry or to oily, sometimes is not the product that we use as much as what we eat like unhealthy fats and to much sugar. I know with out it the taste is blah... and hard to consume I get it, If that is your concern there is so many foods now that have improved in the taste. We are unable to notice when we are eating something healthy and that's a Good Thing! I enjoy eating all types of food technically I always label myself as an epicurious person or like they said need to try it before you knock it. I enjoy drinking a good smoothie and when I see a new recipe the ingredients are the first thing I always take in account how can each ingredient benefit me and would I like it. Most of the time ingredients could make me look twice then before you know it I love it, for instance Green Smoothie the ingredients are spinach and kale in most recipes I came across, first thing that comes to mind " no way that could taste good,"  I was so sceptical and than I decided to make my version of Green Smoothie it was not easy it took me several attempts and concoction until I came up with this recipe. I cannot pass a day without drinking it. This is a great example how the food we eat could benefit your beauty and health, not that I'm an expert but I just like knowing the nutrients that the food contains and the benefits in eating or drinking it.
My Smoothie consist of :
Kiwi which by the way high in vitamin C and E and Omega 3 the good fat that helps slow down the sign of aging who does not want that Hello!!, it also contain Fiber and Antioxidant.
Spinach is been said is good for the acne issues.
Banana it has vitamin B6 great for healthy hair and skin.
Coconut water is has great source of electrolytes.
Honey improve blood circulation.
Mint helps fight against dry skin.
Note: Avoid if you have any allergic reaction to these ingredients.
Mint Banana Green Smoothie
1/2 cup coconut water
1 tbsp honey
1 banana, peeled
1 cup spinach
7-10 mint leaves
2 kiwis, peeled
5 ice cubes
Place all ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth.
Let me know if you like this recipe?
Join in sharing your version of your favorite smoothie and how it benefit you.
Jackie Harrison




  1. Hi Jackie

    As I read through your post, I realized that you are so right! I have combination/oily skin and I believe that food is a huge factor in there. Sometimes skin types are genetic maybe, but that is not the case with mine. I don't have horrible acne, I think but I do breakout. :( I should change my eating habits.


  2. Thanks for this! :)

    Followed you too through GFC. Thanks and keep in touch! :)


    1. By the way, I'll include you in my Liebster Awards nominations list. :) Please do take part. :)

  3. Jackie, this smoothie looks really good and great for the body. thank you for sharing the recipe with us. I would want to try this.



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