Monday, April 22, 2013

Is one thing we all have in common is Earth so in Honor of Earth Day here is eco friendly beauty tools.

I enjoy a good makeup brush that is design to achieve flawless results and is great for our Planet Earth.
Eco Tools are Planet Friendly and the best part they do not test their products on animals that inspire me to use there makeup brushes. How can I go wrong with that. Eco tools is a 100% cruelty free using natural element since they are eco friendly company they invest in being green. Their makeup brushes offer high end quality for the price the brushes are durable and smooth even after washing.
Here is a image of a set I purchase in Walmart for $7.95, a bamboo 5 piece brush set with a reusable storage pouch so you can storage your  makeup brushes in. If we all contribute in helping our planet we will see an impact in our participation.  HAPPY EARTH DAY



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  1. I have the big powder brush from this brand and I LOVE it! I definitely want to try out their eye brushes.


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