Friday, April 19, 2013

Welcome to my new blog is of everything or anything you can Beautify. Argan Oil is the main Topic today.

Today I will like to talk about certain products that gets alot of hype and sometimes is confusing to all of the woman out there in choosing the right products that meet our standards. Is not like I'm an expert on this product but realistically we the consumer usually have the final say if the products are worth buying or even trying {Don't You Guys Agree?}. Today Im focusing on Argan oil since this came out is been a big hype about how great it is and how good it is.

Some are happy with it while others are like hmm not sure...Here is an image of the few I try base on recommendation by certain hairstylist professionals.  Let me inform you how these Argan Oil work for me let start from Left to right Deepshine by Rusk it has a great smell but it did not shine like it promise but yet if you dye your hair with home dye products and add Deepshine by Rusk you will see how shining your hair gets. Amika too greasy but great to add to home spa scrubs for bodies because it has a luxury smell to it at least that is my opinion. Agadir love it but work better if you apply after applying Keratin product to get the right results of shine and smoothness it does not leave your hair greasy, Josie Maran love her products this Argan Oil works great for the ends of your hair to prevent breakage be carefull in how much you apply, I use it as a moisturizer for my body after showering it make by body smooth, I hope this helps in making a decison on Argan Oil. I know there is more products out there let me know if you have a favorite or one I should try. I would love to hear your opinion.
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