Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Hottest Eye Trend: Bright Hues

The Hottest Eye Trend: Bright Hues
Lately, I been Noticing Bright Hues Trend and now that the season is getting warmer and our clothing is getting brighter and airy. It's no wonder we want to make a huge change in our makeup. This is the look I came up with on Polyvore Bright Eyes Contest.
Tell me what you think... 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Chic Easy Pieces

There is one way to extend our wardrobe is by purchasing Chic Easy Pieces that will help us get dress up in a breeze. Below you will see a mini dress with skinny belt, pencil skirt, light jacket, embroidered sleeveless top. black peep toes shoes, classic handbag and sunglasses.
Is great to have pieces to create instant outfit that gives a classy chic feminine look.

Chic Easy Pieces

What chic pieces will you purchase to get a polished feminine look?


Mini dress, $38 / La Perla embroidered shirt / Jane Norman pu jacket, $83 / Raxevsky long pencil skirt, $62 / KG Kurt Geiger black peep toe pumps, $135.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Beachy Waves Texturizing Spray

I always looking for hair products to try especially during the summer. In high humidity and heat no one wants to fuzz to much with their hair easy and manageable hairstyle is the way to go.  I like to give irons and blow-dryers a break during the hot summers to minimize the damage it could cause to my hair also like to get rid of dead ends every three to six month by getting it trim. I try three texturizing spray during my vacation and was very happy with. It gives a beachy waves look to your hair, they are reasonably price and you could find it in any drug stores. This is my personal experience and opinion about the three products I have try, keep in mind my hair is naturally curly.

Got 2b Beach Trippin- Has a great clean scent it works great with wet or dry hair -It gives hair soft tousled waves.

Moroccan Sea Salt Spray- This moroccan sea salt contains argan oil which its great for hair leaves a a nice shine to it, while giving you a beach soft volume wavy hair. I will consider this one to be my favorite since I tend to use it more.

Not Your Mother's Beach Babe- I notice this product works great with wet hair than dry, when I spray it to dry hair it felt hard and did not give the tousled I was looking for but yet with wet is great and smell great.

These products are not bad to try and the scent is great. When I purchase, the first thing I do beside looking at the price is smelling the products if it does not smell good I will not buy it.
Do you agree with me?

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Memorial weekend is coming up, some of us will be traveling to the Beach, Country or City. I will like to share some tips to make your trip at ease, also would like to share products I use and was happy with when I was on vacation this past week. (Have a Happy and Save Memorial Weekend)


1. Like I mention on my previous blog how to get more of shorts.
   Try to pack light and be creative with what you take make sure you know the events you going to
   before hand.
2. SPF protection the higher the better if going to the beach or you in the sun no one wants wrinkles.
3. Sunglasses or Fedora hat great to wear anywhere you decide to go.
4.  Neutral or white nail polish it goes with every outfit.
5. Important - There is a sale going on right now in Victoria Secret Catalogue for Swimsuit.
   -image below-
6. Exfoliate before heading to the beach it helps get an even tan.
7. Wear non-fussy clothes if heading to the country like denim, t-shirts, white shirt a must have.
8. If traveling to the city you might be doing alot of walking when sightseeing comfy shoes is the   
   way to go. A cool wrist watch and a crossbody handbag to keep the time and carry less.
9. If going to the beach then not much shorts, tops, great swimsuit with cover up and cute sandals.
10. Hair roll in a bun, ponytail or wavy beach look. goes great anywhere you decide to travel.

Victoria Secret Annual Swimsuit Sale--Hurray

Here are body and facial products I had to have during my beach trip.

Starting from the left Shea butter lotion by Victoria Secret keep my skin smooth. Urban decay to keep my makeup in place, Garnier bb cream great to hydrate your face in the summer. Loreal bronzer C7 nut brown a little on your cheeks to add additional glow goes a long way. (I usually use Hoola from benefit ran out no time to pick up try Loreal was impress with this product love it.)

What are the Fashionista Blogger doing on Memorial weekend?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Just like in everything I do I believe you should Beautify It. My dogs are no exception. I have two chihuahuas a nine year old male and a two year old female, they get groom and pamper all the time. I maintain their regimen by brushing their teeths and trying different products to keep their coat shining and smelling great.  The products that stood out for me and I was impress with and decide to use is called I Love Pet Head by TIGI. Yes, that is the name of the company is known for making Bed Head TIGI human shampoo that I love.

The Pet Head Quickie Shampoo- rinses really fast off their coats and it has an amazing smell you will love as well as your pet.
  • I Love Pet Head -Poof - is a magical deodorizing spray that has a mild scent smell great for dogs all you do sprizt on your dog coat when he needs to be refresh.
  • I Love Pet Head Dry Clean- the name say it all no one will know you did not take your dog to the groom it smells devine and also dry in full speed.
Why not pamper our dogs they give so much to us. They are great listener, They look foward to seeing you when you get home. They are devoted always giving us love and with no expectation.
TIP: Always cover there eyes and check if your pet skin is not irritated before applying anything.
On your left is my male dog Moo, I name him that due to his spot remind me of a cow spots. On your right my female dog Tifi it means little girl in Creole New Orleans native language. She is a fashionista love to be pamper and get dress up.
How do you Pamper your Pets?

Monday, May 20, 2013

There Is Only Two Ways To Have Flirty Lashes....

When we go to purchase a pair of false lashes we encounter ourself with so many to choose from. It all comes down to preference length and thickness, You have to find what works with your budget and what brand is best for you. I believe it helps accentuate your eyes. I'm not an expert in putting on false lashes but practice makes perfect. So before you decide to apply false lash for a big date or  event make sure you know exactly how to apply them. You do not want to look like you blinking at everybody right! Here are two that works for me Ardell fashion lashes 120 black and Kiss premium lashes 03 black. They are sold in any drugstore. I like both brands it makes me look like I have flirty lashes.
If false lashes is not your thing then try mascara, They have improved throughout the years now we have plenty to meet our needs. Like for instant the above three selection I cannot live without. On your left Rimmel London Scandal' Eyes, it volumize my lashes. Benefit Cosmetic They're Real, love how it extend my lashes beautifully. Maybelline NY Lots of Lashes washable, is known for being classic and reputed to be the best selling mascara, It makes my lashes dark and full.
How about you!-How will you make your lashes flirty, False lashes or Mascara?
Jackie Harrison

Monday, May 13, 2013

How To Get More Out Of Your Shorts, Day To Night.

Ever wonder what to pack when heading to a weekend getaway. I print out a list of what to pack, I follow by it and before I know it my suitcase is full and I'm stuck with items still to pack. I decided I have to be more creative with my clothes and try to minimize what I plan in taking. I do not know about you! but I pretty much got it down pack how to get a dress and skirt from day to night, now when it comes to shorts I did not think I could get away with making them look polish for an event. Here are three sets of different shorts I put together from day to night. Hopefully you will look at shorts in a different view and get inspire to create your own style. 
Here are a few tips before getting started. First work with what you have than add to it.
Second know the event you going to ahead of time,- Third choose shorts that flatter you,- Last two must tips do not be afraid to play with colors and don't forget to add accessories.

Hey Fashionista--How will you transform your shorts from Day to Night?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mother's Day Gift Ideas, Your Mom Will Love.

In Honor to My Mother and all Mother's, Here is a list of gift ideas for Mother's Day or any special day. My mother live to far distance from me to see her on regular basis. This is why I go that extra mile to give a gift she will love and enjoy. In this image is some of my mom favorites.What is your mom favorite items?
There is a quotes that "states--No Gift To Your Mother, Can Ever Equal Her Gift To You-LIFE!
Mom always do so much for us they are always there when we need them, Why not go that extra mile to make them feel special on Mother's Day and everyday of their life's.
Flowers is special but here is a list with ideas your mom will love and you might want to give. 
  1. Certificate to a Spa- Mom love to get pamper.
  2. Tickets to her favorite destination or to see you- Fun and relaxation every mom needs.
  3. Gift card to her favorite store- Clothing and shoes, what mom does not like to shop.
  4. Makeup- Know the brand she likes, My mom likes Estee Lauder.
  5. Perfume- Find out her favorite scent.
  6. Reservation to Brunch or Dinner-Let's give mom a break from the kitchen.
  7. Handbag- Big or small what does she prefer.
  8. Jewelry-Make it special just personalize it.
  9. DIY- Mom will cherish anything handmade.
  10. Cell or Laptop- To keep in contact.
Hope this list give you ideas in what to give your mom.
To my Mom and all The Mother's-- Happy Mother's Day.
Jackie Harrison

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

In My Makeup Bag

In My Makeup Bag
This is what I like to carry in my makeup bag
Urban Decay setting spray keeps my makeup in check by spraying a small amount it last all day. Every woman need to carry lipstick in her bag pink or nude is the way to go this summer. Elf  two in one cheek and contour how convenient.
L'Occitane green tea hand gel keep hands feeling soft.

                                         What do you carry in your makeup bag?
Note: Here is more information of the products I carry in my makeup bag.