Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Just like in everything I do I believe you should Beautify It. My dogs are no exception. I have two chihuahuas a nine year old male and a two year old female, they get groom and pamper all the time. I maintain their regimen by brushing their teeths and trying different products to keep their coat shining and smelling great.  The products that stood out for me and I was impress with and decide to use is called I Love Pet Head by TIGI. Yes, that is the name of the company is known for making Bed Head TIGI human shampoo that I love.

The Pet Head Quickie Shampoo- rinses really fast off their coats and it has an amazing smell you will love as well as your pet.
  • I Love Pet Head -Poof - is a magical deodorizing spray that has a mild scent smell great for dogs all you do sprizt on your dog coat when he needs to be refresh.
  • I Love Pet Head Dry Clean- the name say it all no one will know you did not take your dog to the groom it smells devine and also dry in full speed.
Why not pamper our dogs they give so much to us. They are great listener, They look foward to seeing you when you get home. They are devoted always giving us love and with no expectation.
TIP: Always cover there eyes and check if your pet skin is not irritated before applying anything.
On your left is my male dog Moo, I name him that due to his spot remind me of a cow spots. On your right my female dog Tifi it means little girl in Creole New Orleans native language. She is a fashionista love to be pamper and get dress up.
How do you Pamper your Pets?


  1. Nice post!
    Do you want to follow each othe? Let me know!

  2. Haha, your two doggies are very cute, especially Moo. We had for a long time a cat. I'm more into cats, but I like dogs too. And our cat didn't like shampoo.
    It's great that you take care of your dogs.
    Have a nice day

    1. Thx sweetie will let moo know. Cats are beautiful too.

  3. I didn't know Bed Head made dog products as well!! you know what is funny? I use bed head for my hair and I love their products!!! they smell so good! I need to get them for my Lupi!!! thanks for sharing!!!
    By the way Moo and Tifi are adorable!!!!!

    1. Thx sweetie, your pup is going to ♥ those product you going to love the convenience getting dog clean fast.

  4. Wonder if they like being pampered. All my dog hated baths, I had to drag them to bath. After that I had to clean myself too as I used to be covered in their shampoo:-p

    Kisses from Ireland

    1. They really do sweetie, when they go for walks as soon as we go in they sit waiting to get themselve wipe with refresh wipes.The also used to it since they were puppy.

  5. i loooooooooove dogs =)

  6. Thanks for your comment, sure we can follow each other, I'm following u now on bloglovin', is your turn!

    1. Ok thx will follow back, I will leave a notification on your blog .

  7. Moo and Tifi are such cuties! :)

    Oh, and I just read my name on the bottom part of your blog, thanks! Your blog definitely deserved the award. :) Following you now on Bloglovin.

  8. Your dogs are adorable :) Bad thing is, there is no possible way to find "I love pet head" products here where I live :( But I bet they to their magic :)

    I followed you on bloglovin, follow back ? :)

    P.S. thank you on your nice comment on my blog, it made my day <3


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