Thursday, May 23, 2013


Memorial weekend is coming up, some of us will be traveling to the Beach, Country or City. I will like to share some tips to make your trip at ease, also would like to share products I use and was happy with when I was on vacation this past week. (Have a Happy and Save Memorial Weekend)


1. Like I mention on my previous blog how to get more of shorts.
   Try to pack light and be creative with what you take make sure you know the events you going to
   before hand.
2. SPF protection the higher the better if going to the beach or you in the sun no one wants wrinkles.
3. Sunglasses or Fedora hat great to wear anywhere you decide to go.
4.  Neutral or white nail polish it goes with every outfit.
5. Important - There is a sale going on right now in Victoria Secret Catalogue for Swimsuit.
   -image below-
6. Exfoliate before heading to the beach it helps get an even tan.
7. Wear non-fussy clothes if heading to the country like denim, t-shirts, white shirt a must have.
8. If traveling to the city you might be doing alot of walking when sightseeing comfy shoes is the   
   way to go. A cool wrist watch and a crossbody handbag to keep the time and carry less.
9. If going to the beach then not much shorts, tops, great swimsuit with cover up and cute sandals.
10. Hair roll in a bun, ponytail or wavy beach look. goes great anywhere you decide to travel.

Victoria Secret Annual Swimsuit Sale--Hurray

Here are body and facial products I had to have during my beach trip.

Starting from the left Shea butter lotion by Victoria Secret keep my skin smooth. Urban decay to keep my makeup in place, Garnier bb cream great to hydrate your face in the summer. Loreal bronzer C7 nut brown a little on your cheeks to add additional glow goes a long way. (I usually use Hoola from benefit ran out no time to pick up try Loreal was impress with this product love it.)

What are the Fashionista Blogger doing on Memorial weekend?


  1. thank you for the tips. Although we are not going to the beach during the memorial weekend but the pool is open.


    1. You welvome sweetie have fun at the pool.

  2. Very good tips. I wish I could spend a few days in the sun. It's cold in Germany ;)
    I alway use a very high SPF and a hat for protection my Hair. Since I'm a little bit older I travel light and take my favorite beauty products as a sample.

    1. You must be doing something right you look great.

  3. looooooove it =)

  4. Great tips Jackie!!!!!!
    Happy WE my darling!

    1. Thanks Paula you to have a great week.

  5. Great tips, I just wish it was sunny enough to put these to use!!

  6. have a lovely monday, dear =)

  7. great tips :)

    i'm following you via gfc and bloglovin' , now it's your turn! :)

  8. Haha, silly me. Can you check out now if everything is in place ? :)

  9. Tnx for your lovely comments Jackie...<3!!!!!!
    Kisses darling!

  10. you have a nice blog! mind to check out my blog? maybe we can follow each other :)

  11. Hi Jackie

    I have been wanting to try the Garnier BB Cream. I haven't yet because I've heard through YouTube reviews that it creates oil or makes skin oily throughout the day or time wearing it. I have combination/oily skin so I've stayed away. I'm currently trying out the Smashbox Photo Ready BB Cream and really like it so far. Once I run out, I would like to try a drugstore BB cream. What's your experience with the Garnier BB Cream and what type of skin do you have?


  12. I have combination skin also,and is true garnier is oily but when I go away and get color from the sun my skin needs to get hydrated this is when garnier bb cream comes in place works great. Garnier came out with a new product with less oil made for combination and oily skin. I have not try as of yet but planning to.

  13. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog! :) I would love to follow each other, following you now! :)Hope you will do the same! :)

  14. hey honey! i'm following with bloglovin'~ lol

  15. Well as you know I didn't do many fun things on memorial weekend! but these are great tips!!! I live in Ohio so we are not too close to the beach! but we keep traveling to South Carolina for my fiance's friends' weddings! and these are great tips!! thanks so much for sharing :)


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