Friday, June 28, 2013


Party Boat Outfit
Its this an outfit you will wear to a Party Boat?
If not what will you wear to a Party Boat?

Have a great weekend Fashionista....

Thursday, June 27, 2013


  This is a tag question from blogger Thee Opimist, I decided to participate they are good question so why not take the time to answer so here I go with my answers.
1-When did you start blogging? On April 30, 2013 was the first time I set up my blog. 
2-Have you had any past online presence ( Youtube, other blog)? Nope no other blog never Youtube.
3-Why did you start your blog? It was brought to my attention by a co-worker that I should blog since I love to shop and have great sense of style (honestly) at first I was hesitant since I really have a short amount of time for myself after really taking her advice in consideration, I said "Why Not".
4-When did you become serious about your blog? When you enjoy or have a passion for something you always take it serious. 
5-What was your first post?Welcome to my new blog read it was about Argan Oil even though I did not gave an legit topic of what I was reviewing.
6-Where do you see yourself in a year? I really don't like thinking that far ahead I take day by day and will like to hopefully in a year be more successful and continue blogging if god permit.
7- What is the most rewarding thing to you about blogging? So many way its so rewarding in a short amount of time I got to embrace and interact with people from different countries and culture.
8- What is the most discouraging thing that happen on to you? Well let see I do not mean to come across like a cry baby but we all have it. Bloggers that state they following when they clearly are not, and expect comments from you but do not bother in reading or commenting on your post. This is one reason  that discourage me in trusting. When I commit to following you I comment on your post. If the day comes and you see no comment on my behalf these are the reason.  Away, Sick or my Computer and Phone are non functional or I pass on.
9- What is your lasting inspiration or motivation? When you seriously like my blog and enjoy reading my post. I get happy to know my tip help or we have something in common with fashion or beauty and so on it does put a smile on my face.  

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Does this ever happen to you, go to the store pick up an item and come across to something you never though you will find. In my case went to WalMart to pick up shampoo and came across to these cute Modella hair styling tool cases they sell different patterns but these two were my favorites and could not resist in getting them. The price was ridiculously reasonable $6.97 for each, great bargain . We all have a drawer full of hair styling tools this is an easy way to make your hair styling drawer or bin more organize and convenient to grab. They also great to take if you traveling.

 Look at the inside how it fits one side the styling tool the other the plug extension.
This one carry my flatiron tool you could also fit a curly iron like I have in the other bag.
The only downsize is you cannot fit a blow dryer and I cannot wait when they do come out with one that does.

 I also will like to share with you these little travel size hairstyling tools that comes with their carry case. I purchase both in Walgreen's the flatiron tool was on sale for $9.99 and the curling iron
was $19.99 still not bad for a tool and case. I like to take them with me when I travel especially on
the plane since they are smaller.

The pink flower pattern curling iron below come also with gloves to protect you fingers from handling the hot styling tool. I call it genius...

Flat Iron
Is worth preventing your styling tools from getting damage in the bin or drawer don't you think?
And for the traveler Fashionista the small one are a life saver.
What do you think and how do you take care of your styling tools?

Monday, June 24, 2013


Its expensive investing in makeup brushes, so to expand the texture and life of them I like to keep my makeup brushes clean, Your skin will thank you. Every time we apply makeup we have to go into the product and apply it on to our face so the excess stay on the brush, so beside putting makeup in your face you also putting dry skin and oils or even germs. I know nasty! so this is why is important to clean our brushes weekly and in between if you can. I want to share with you my method in cleaning my brushes and hopefully you will try it at home and find it conveniently fast and easy.

The image above on your left it show how I wash the makeup brushes with mild soap.

A- I place a drop of soap on my hand wet the brush with luke warm water then swirl the brush in a circular motion until I see excess dirt coming off continue until it becomes clear. Than I rinse under luke warm water first than cold squeeze excess water out and lay the brush down flat on a clean towel or paper towel to dry.

The image on your right is my alcohol method.

B-. When in a rush and no time to clean a brush, I place alcohol in one of the travel spritz bottle
 (I know I should make the label prettier. I never have time), than take a tissue and spray some on it. Take the brush and gently move it in a back and forth motion to take off the excess dirt you will see in the tissue. The makeup brush dry fast and it's able to use.

I hope these tips in cleaning your makeup brushes help.
Maybe you have your own method you want to share with me.

Friday, June 21, 2013



Are You Ready For Summer

Like to wear high waist shorts.
Hat to cover your head from sun.
Pretty sandals for showing your pretty manicure feet.
Superman clutch.

What items from here you will wear to the beach?
Have a Great weekend Fashionista....

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Last month I came across this magazine in the office call People Style Watch.

While I was reading People Style Watch magazine. I saw a list of makeup trick and tips. I was astonish to come across certain tips I been using for years from advice of makeup artist and stores makeup professionals, who was kind enough to share with me. Now, I'm going to share some of those tips I know and practice on me with you, also found in the magazine with the names of who stated the tips or tricks. It's shocking to me how makeup artist think alike.
1-Jewel-Toned Eyeliner works for all skin tones and eye colors say celeb makeup artist Tina Turnbow for a pretty pop of color, trace the pencil along the inner or outer corners of your eyes or do both for bolder take. ( I try this for an event with blue eyeliner got alot of compliment)
2-Put Foundation on your lids prepping lids with a thin layer of liquid foundation helps eye shadow stay put. It also makes blending easy and helps prevents creasing says makeup artist Diane Kendal. Let foundation dry before applying shadow. (One step I always do)
3-Use moisturizer as highlighter after you apply foundation, put moisturizer on the tips of your fingers and lightly pat it onto your nose, cheeks or anywhere else you want a little dewiness. The extra layer of hydration makes you look more fresh and radiant says makeup artist Val Garland. ( I been doing this from the first time I knew you could highlight with it)
4-Mix blush & blonzer for a pretty glow-sweeping bronzer along your cheekbones and adding blush to the apples of cheeks make every complexion look brighter, you just need to find your best combo. (One of my favorite trick to do to myself especially now in warm weather when I want a sunkiss look)
5- Double up on brow pencil for a natural look when you mix two different tones (one that is a shade darker than your brow and one a shade lighter), your arches will look defined but not fake. With feathery strokes, enhance your brows' shape with the darker color, then add fullness with the lighter one, says makeup artist Sil Bruinsma. (This really works)
6. Get a whiter smile with coral lipstick adding coral to the center of lips on top of a neutral color like beige gives teeth a brighter look. It neutralizes any yellowness says Oresman. (Smile looks brighter)
7- Enhance any eye shape with liner open up small eyes by lining just along the top lash line, says Schlip show off  larger eyes by framing them with liner on both top and bottom lash lines. ( I do this on special occasion went I want my eyes to stand out)
8-Shrink pores with a mask using one with mud and clay once or twice a week will draw out skin-clogging impurities that can make pores look bigger, says Dr. Tanzi. ( I do this with homemade mask it works as good to)
9-Apply moisturizer to damp skin put on your face cream or lotion within three minutes of washing your face to help it absorb quickly into skin. Moisturizer always works better with a little water, says Dr. Tanzi. (It absorb really fast)
10-Wash sensitive skin with cool water anything hotter than lukewarm water may be irritating to your skin, says Joanna Vargas founder of Joanna Vargas Salon. Cleanse at the sink instead of in the shower. (Less redness)
11- Moisturize a dry scalp with vitamin E poke a hole in a vitamin E capsule and rub the contents directly on your scalp to relieve dryness or itchiness, says Kyle White, lead colorist at Oscar Blandi salon. (Works well on elbows and feet)
12-Hydrate cuticles with chapstick rub lip balm on cuticles to ease rough, dry skin on the go says Jin Soon Choi manicurist and founder of N.Y.C's Jin Soon Natural hand & Foot Spas. (This tips I have done for years with Vaseline now chapstick work well and is the to go for me now)


Hey Fashionistas, What beauty tips works for you share your tips with me?

Monday, June 17, 2013


During the warm weather I like to apply lipstick and gloss in coral and pink. What I mean is different shades of those two colors for instance dark, medium, light, sheer, shiny, and glossy it really does not matter as long it looks good on me. 
I was smitten when I found these two color gloss below they are light weight non stick and the colors look fresh. The price was below three dollars cannot go wrong with that right!
Wet & Wild number 578 is a Shimmery Pink it glides on smoothly.
Rimmel 140 Always Lovely a soft coral with a sheer look to it.
Loreal never disappoint like the fresh colors and the finish on these lipstick.
Loreal 169 Pink Plush it caress your lips with a stunning color.
Loreal 176 Sunset Angora rich color without being sticky.
I like many brands of lipstick as long as they have the right color that goes with my complexion and it stay longer than an hour on my lips. Don't you agree?
Hey Fashionistas, how about you what is your favorite summer color lipstick and gloss?

Friday, June 14, 2013


Dress Your Besties

This is an outfit I will wear to a summer wedding or date night.
Short sleeve cotton dress is a light material to wear during the hot summers, Patent leather handbag it just goes great with this ensemble. Perfect phone cover don't you agree. An accesories that is enough but not to much for the occasion.


Dorothy Perkins cotton dress

Noir jewelry

Jon Richard head wrap headband
$47 -

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Great News The Maker Of ProActiv Has A New Product For Aging Skin

During my visit at Google+, I came across to a before and after image and I was intrigue in how the person skin on the before picture had spot and than the after picture so clear, she also has a profile picture showing her clear skin. The person of the before and after picture her name is Donna Hamilton an Executive Consultant for Rodan & Fields Products, Dermatologists. She also tested the Reverse regimen to battle dark marks and hyper pigmentation, Mind you before trying these products she was using foundation and powder to cover her flaws, after using Rodan & Fields she no longer has uneven skin tone and does not feel she needs to hide under makeup all she uses these day is eyeshadow and lipstick. Ladies don't we all want the same for our skin a flawless complexion. Dr. Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields, the maker of ProActiv that target acne prone skins are now focusing on aging skin products and if you ever used ProActiv than I do not need to emphasize how great is the products in getting your skin clear. The company now hired consultants like Donna Hamilton to share the gift of great skin. There business has been studied by Harvard School of Business, which says a lot about the company reputation.The doctors multi med therapy uses the right formulations combine with the ingredients to target a broad list of skin issues and concerns for all skin types.
We all looking for a miracle to pause or slow down our aging well if you try these products you come very close to succeeding your goal.
Here is a list in how these product could improve your skin.
Soothe-For sensitive skin, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis and also men who have razor bumps from shaving.
Unblemish-Targets acne and reduces breakouts by clearing up bacteria underneath the skin before the pimple surfaces.
Reverse-Which Donna Hamilton uses for her dark marks, hyperpigmentation, sun damage, uneven skin tone, and Melasma (pregnancy mask).
Macro Exfoliator Tool-Is used once a week and sweeps away millions of dead skin cells that we shed daily to unveil our natural glow as well as reducing post acne scars and wrinkles.
Here are some before and after pictures of woman that are consultants and customers not model, who participated in trying the products the results vary per individual.
They have a PC Perks program offers a 10% discount and free shipping with enrollment.
They also offer a 60 day empty bottle money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results! What other company offers that?
The company is also looking for Consultants to join Donna Hamilton and Rodan & Fields team.
Imagine if you were able to cash in on there success of ProActiv! 2014 they will open a market in Canada and the global market will follow.
Here are ways to find out more about Rodan & Fields Products as well as to shop for there products or join their team.
Rodan & Fields product overview:
Donna Hamilton solution tool will help you select the right regimen for your skin.
Join Donna Hamilton team
Shop Products
NOTE; I have permission from Donna Hamilton to use these images and to blog about the products. Images and web information belongs to Donna Hamilton.
If you have any question or need further assistance
Please get in contact:
Donna Hamilton
Executive Consultant
Rodan & Fields, Dermatologists
I was glad to share all this information with you all.
Jackie Harrison

Monday, June 10, 2013


Wow, I'm really excited to announce that I was nominated once again for The Liebster Award by Pooja Mittal My first nomination was by Dr. Meow, which I did not participate in answering Dr. Meow question and I apologize for that, due to me being clueless in how important it is to participate and nominate others to give them an opportunity. This time not letting the opportunity pass me by in participating and nominating others. Thank you Dr. Meow for the 1st nomination and Pooja Mittal for nominating me once again I really appreciated and glad you both like my blog. To all my Fashionista thank you for  all the kind comments and the continue support.

Rules of the Award are as following:

1. Each nominee must answer 11 questions that were asked by the blogger that nominated them.
2. You must choose 11 bloggers who have under 200 followers to pass the award onto.
3.Then come up with 11 questions that they will answer
4. Go to their page and tell them that you have nominated them
5. No tag backs
Q1.What do prefer for holidays:

Beach or hills.
Q2.What makes you angry and then how do you cheer yourself up..?
Q3.Most thrilling experience of life?
Q4.What is the goal of your life?
Q5.One thing you wanna change about yourself and why?
Q6.Which color describes you the best?
Q7.Which character of which movie you identify with the most?
Q8.Are you a Ring person ,Necklace person ,Or earring person.
Q9What first thing do notice when you see someone.. Like shoes, clothes hair etc...
Q10.One thing which turns you off?
Q11.If you are allowed to ware only 3 makeup products, then what will you ware?
My Answers to Pooji Mittal above questions
1-I prefer Beach is very tranquil to me and I enjoy looking at the sunset and sunrise.
2-What makes me really angry is when people make a negative opinion about me without knowing me. I cheer myself up by playing with my dogs and knowing I'am surronded by love.
3-Scuba diving in Aruba when I was in my early twentys,  it was an experience I will never forget.
4-To continue being kind and taking chances with my life.
5-Learn to get the courage to said no.
6-I have two colors that describe me the best pink because I care for others and brown because I like stability in my life.
7-Kate Hudson, in Raising Helen. I will be scare in taking kids that are not mine to raise especially nieces and nephew you always the cool aunt. Is a different ball game when you playing the parent role to them. but yet I will do it.
8-Necklace all the way
9-There outfits.
11-Mascara, Foundation and lipstick.
Here are the eleven blogs I nominated. Congrats to all.
Q1- What weather season is your favorite Fall, Winter,Spring or Summer?
Q2- What was your shocking comment posted on your blog?
Q3- What makes you scare?
Q4- What was your biggest accomplishment?
Q5- If you were stranded in a island what will you want to have with you?
Q6- If you won 2 tickets to travel anyhere in the world where would you go and who will you bring?
Q7- What is your favorite hobby?
Q8- If you were to give a makeup tip what will it be?
Q9-What type of handbag you like to carry?
Q10- Do you prefer your hair down or up?
Q11- What is your favorite snack?

Flawless Face With Loose Powders

Do you run out to try products as soon as you see it advertise or recommended by bloggers,
I usually do.
I been exhaustively looking for a finish powder that goes on smooth and is not noticeable
after blending it well.
I concluded in three that are now my favorites.
I will like to share it with you and see if they work for you
as well as they work for me.

NOTE*This is my personal review base on using these products on myself.


Light Texture Hydrate Loose Powder in (916) Translucent by Loreal ,
It feels light also controlled shines and it's great for acne prone skin
 a small amount goes a long way.
I like using it when heading to an activity outdoors
 where in tends to give me shine on my t-zone.
The price is very reasonable.

 Dew Finish Mineral Veil by BareMinerals,
 Swirl, Tap and Buff is bareMinerals signature statement.
This Mineral powder I like applying it before my foundation and concealer
it gives me a flawless look.

Minimize Pores Makeup Forever HD powder it blends very well into skin and it gives a photo finish great if you planning in taking picture it minimize flaws in your skin.  I like that is absorb the foundation and give a matte finish. The price is a little higher than the others but worth it.

I use the Bamboo Fininshing Kabuki brush by Eco tools.
 I had mention in my previous post how much I like Eco tools brushes
 if you have not read you could read here


Thursday, June 6, 2013


Collection I Would Wear
This is a collection I will wear to a BBQ.
Should I start blogging about what I will wear and to what event I would wear it to.
Once a week or once a month (let me know)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


There is different styles and a wide ranges of necklaces out there like Geometric, Medallions, Pendants, Spike, Metallics and more, we all like to get our hands on. I'm sharing with you some of my favorites that I cannot depart with. Accessories is the finish touch to any style Polish, Edgy and Preppy it really does not matter it all depends on the piece of jewelry you add that makes a final statement to your outfit.  What it's your fave Modern, Playful or Sophisticated?

Neutral Outfit with the Medallion Necklace on your bottom right at Paula Deens Restaurant

Let me know which one is your style and which one is not?

Fashion Jewelry from:
New York & Company
Forever 21
Medallion from Michaels craft store 
Pink Necklace holder from Michaels craft store