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I always try to explore ways to organize and to display my items to look pretty, also like my closet to be functional and practical. 
I like stylish items to store my things
 without the high end cost because we change so our home change with us.
 I get inspire by my own items I like to purchase multi functional storage
 and think outside the box.
Example I like to display items that bring color and style to my closet or room.
How do you like to beautify your closet?
 Below you will see pretty storage boxes for different purposes.
These two boxes I love
Got them in Marshalls on your left with the images of shoe and handbag  
 I keep bracelets, watches and earrings
Tip: It could also be use for makeup storage.
On your right its a hat box I keep my Fedora Hats  
 Tip: You could also stored scarfs and accessories. 
Below are shoes storage from Ikea Store

Great store to get organizations idea
 and they are so reasonable with their price
I bought these above last summer for 9.99 set of 4.
They have a different style this year under clothes organization
 Skubb its the item name in black, set of 4 for 7.99
Love how it display my shoes!
Important: If your high heels shoes are 5 inches or higher it wont fit
it holds up to 4 inches high heels.
Protect your shoes by placing them in clear shoeboxes
 got them at Walmart 5 for 6 dollars
not bad right...
I take picture of my shoes to display it.
fast glance
I find my shoes to wear.

Above you see my converse on your left
Sandals on your right cute.
Here below flats on your left
5 inch or higher heels on your right,
and yes I could walk and run in those heels
I also keep wedges in these clear boxes.

Make space in your drawer by storing items in these functional boxes.
On your right the white I use for sunglasses like you see
its label and I also use them to put away seasonal jewelry or clothing items.
I purchase them in Ikea you could also get them in Walmart
different colors to go with your decor.
On your right different print storage boxes found in Marshalls. 
I keep my scarfs in the small one, on the bottom
I stored my clutches. I do have different size from large to small
and I keep swimsuits, small handbags, clothing items in them.
Its a great buy to make your closet look pretty.

 Another way to store your scarf
keep the ring it comes with when you buy it
and hang on a hook.
 Tip: hang belts or long necklaces
or even handbags.
Boxes for sleeveless tank shirts
 or T-shirt and seasonal
The window help to find your items
Like I mention in my Versatile post question-
How do I stored my makeup?
in these makeup boxes below.
 I have a big one
and a small one to travel.
Perfect to keep all in one place.
Since I travel need to pack fast
 its convenient for me
 to find and get my makeup face ready fast. 
I do like the drawer storage idea
but I really do not have that much makeup.
I buy as I need or want to try something new.
It Keeps everything organize for me
On your left top hold mascara, eyeliner, lash curler. 
Middle holds lipstick of all types and below the lip gloss and lip pencil,
Center primer eye shadow, mineral powders bb cream, makeup mist spray etc.
On your right top holds concealers of all types
 and the middle eye shadows
 below blushes and bronzers
 My travel case could hold a lot for the size. 
 Where the makeup brushes are located its removable. 
Like the bright color wakes me up in the morning when
I get myself ready.
This its how I display my necklaces
spoke about this one in a previous post
Finishing touch
Purchase holder at Michael's craft store
Do you have a organization tip you will like to share, Please do.

On Pinterest you will find so many ideas for organization I have a board call Set the Stage To Your Home you welcome to follow by hitting the follow me pinterest button.


  1. Interesting post Jackie and great tips!!!!
    Tnx for sharing!!!

  2. You are much more organized than I am when it comes to a closet! Love the hat box idea for storage!


  3. Hello! ^-^ I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Please go check it out :)

    - kat

  4. Lovely post (: it's really helpful as I'm very disorganized and I'm trying to find ways to organize my beauty item! xx

  5. Hi. I nominated you for a Liebster Award:

    Jenna ♥ ♥

  6. Two Times in the year I organizer my closed, because I got to much stuff in it. But I have nothing to wear. ;)
    And sometimes i take some clothes out for ever.
    What I really like is a closed like Carrie Badshaw from SATC had. Inclusive all her shoes.

    1. Don't we all-- That its a closet I could only wish for.

  7. Cute storage boxes...!
    You are very organized...!

    Kisses Fairy{oo}Mary

    Following on Google+ and Bloglovin

  8. totally love these ideas!
    i use clear boxes for shoes too
    style frontier
    visit my make up shop shop style frontier

  9. These are super helpful tips love <3 I need to do that in fact :[[[
    Xxx baby


  10. These are great tips! My closet needs a complete makeover these really helped me! Thank you

    1. Thanks sweetie glad I was able to help.

  11. I use the same boxes for shoes. When I will have my walk in wardrobe i won't have any doors I would like to walk in and see all the hangers with my clothes:-) Hope next year I will be bale to share with you

    Lots of Love

  12. Great tips!I just have some boxes for clothes but I can do something better :D

  13. Great post! Very interresting and usefull!
    like it!

  14. the first picture <3 dream closet <33 i also use a train case to keep my cosmetics organized because im such a clutter queen ^^

  15. Thanks for sharing this information.Love your tricks :)
    twitter & instagram : @fashionrlounge
    Fashion room lounge

    A chic kiss ;)

  16. You are well organized!

    new follower :)
    I hope you will join to my blog I'd be happy

  17. Thanks for your sweet words on my last post, they brightened my day!
    Such great ideas you have for your closet!

    Hope you have a fantastic day,

  18. Lovely pictures. Nice tips, your closet looks great, mine is a mess...

  19. To die for! I have a small closet so all I store there is dresses, coats, jackets, sweaters, shoes, scarfs, some jewelry and 3 laundry hampers. I actually keep my shoes in their original box. So far it has worked. Does create some space at times but I work with it. For my next closet, I will def use your tips!

    To follow up with you on the HealthySexyHair Soy Renewal Beach Spray; I only tried it once. I did not like the sticky feeling that it left on my hair. You can use it on damp or dry hair. I tried it on damp hair. I'm thinking I did not like it because I previously had a leave-in hair conditioner on. I will try it again without any added products. I will keep you updated if you liked. I just wanted to let you know that I did read your comment(:

    1. Thanks for the update yes keeo me informed.

  20. i want to organize my closets for my clothes, shoes, bags and accessories but i only have a small place.
    by the way, thank you for nominating me as a Versatile Blogger.

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  21. I really needed some tips, so thank you! Following your blog via bloglovin, hope you'll check out mine :)

  22. great post and great tips!;D

  23. Nice tips.

    Big Kiss

  24. You're very organized. I liked the transparent box for shoes. It's a great idea. Kisses!

  25. ciao , thanks for following ...I follow back on bloglovin and twitter , for me isn't possible on g+.

    I have to organize my closet ...lot to do !!!!


  26. i always keep my shoes in boxes, it looks so much neater! x

  27. This post is so handy! I really have to organize my closet, as I have 2 closets now, one at my BF's place and one at my own place.
    Love your blog btw!

  28. These are great tips!! Especially the scarf one :) I need to invest in a make up box, mine is either on the floor somewhere or in different bags...


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