Thursday, October 31, 2013



The spook its out the treats are in and all we could do its wait for the bell to ring for we could bark the scary little monster away yes we said away. Give them candy give us a treat we are doing well on Halloween.

I do not know about you but I like to dress my dogs for Halloween they look so cute and take them to contest or events that has to do with great costume we never win since I do not know how to sew and don't have time to find a seamstress to make my pups costume, Why bother when they have now a magnificent selection to choose from in Walmart, Target, Petsmart, and other  pets boutique store.
 Here its my pups strutting there best costume for you HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO ALL have a safe one.

Here its moo with a cop look in the mood to stop the crime no fear Moo its here to protect all the treats.

I'm a Pirate, I'm my own Captain. Rrr...
Reversible Orange With Pumpkin Print Jingle Collar.

She is my girl My Super girl pup
 Can I Fly In This like Super dog
What You Mean No!!
I Could Protect With Super Dog Power Called Cuteness....
Why Can't I Use My Powers Or Go To The Bat Caves To Get Treat

Ahoy Will Said A  Female Pirate Or In My Case Brr...
I hope you had as much fun reading this and seeing images of my pups costume as we had sharing it.
What are you wearing for Halloween?

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I bet you all are wondering what in the world Jackie its talking about Mussels In A Snap no way! I found a company that takes all the cleaning and chucking away for you and even comes with a garlic wine sauce absolutely delicious. I like to perk it up with adding additional ingredients for it could enhance the flavor no need its all optional I just enjoy doing it and it does make a difference. 
Pier 33 Gourmet Mussels
In Butter Garlic Sauce

When you take it out it looks like this
You could skip the rest and
follow the box direction to cook,
but for the challenger who like
to perk there foods continue reading.
 In a sauce pan
add chopped garlic
with 2 tablespoon
of olive oil
 Add 1/3 cup of  White Wine
 2 Tablespoon of Unsalted Butter
 Add Mussels cook until you see Mussels open 5 minutes
IMPORTANT: Discard any that did not open

 Final Result
Always Beautify Your Plates


Tuesday, October 29, 2013



PINK ITS THE SHADE OF THE MONTH by beautify11 featuring pink heart glasses

Pink its the shade of the Month its pretty cool and sexy wear it proudly Ladies and Gentleman.
To all who has conquer the cancer fight I salute you its a moment to feel free and enjoy life to the fullest.
 Fighting this battle its not easy but never give up and we pray for a cure to come soon.

Do you agree My Fashionistas?

Izabel London body con dress
$45 -

Ted Baker evening clutch
$110 -

Coin pendant

Edward bess cosmetic

SPECIAL NOTE: How cool I made it to 100 post here showing my appreciation due to you all that enjoy reading and was so supportive my friends.

Monday, October 28, 2013


Yes I know another one but I do need to show my appreciation to the kind person who nominated me and you for being kind.
I will like to share that this its my seventh time nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award very excited to see that you want to consider my blog on the prestige award. Let me take a moment to thank all my Fashionistas and Gentleman for there support and all there sweet comments. I especially need to thank Rachna Sharma  for her nomination really appreciate it and for all who do not know Rachna Sharma here its her link www.  to her amazing and interesting blog  Please take a moment to visit you will not be disappointed.

If you are nominated, you’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger award

Here its how it works

 Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy.
  •  Include a link to their blog. That’s also common courtesy.
  •  Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. 
  •  Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award 
  •  Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself

  • The definition of Versatile Blogger Award from M.G.'s

    This was M.G.’s definition of the award:

    A mutual admiration society where bloggers recognize their peers for writing quality blogs that touched them in some way. The VBAs honor the blogger rather than specific posts. It’s a chance for bloggers to pat themselves on the back like the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences does with the Oscars. Until someone starts giving out Blogscars, the VBAs will have to
    Seven Things about Me
    1- Enjoy going to church
    2- Salmon its my favorite fish
    3- Like to keep a body lotion on my nightstand
    4- Do not like the cold weather but I do enjoy wearing boots.
    5- I get depress when I'm sick
    6- Never get involve in other people business
    7- Squirrels make me laugh

    Here are my nominees for the Versatile Blogger Award: 
    1- A Memory Of Us
    2- Barbiesharon
    3- Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty
    4- Fabulous Torture
    5- Glamour Girl
    6- Honey and Cotton
    7- Indian Beauty Forever
    8- Linde-Lo
    9- Miela Tahril
    10- My Lush Box
    11- Newly Loved
    12- Teen Diary
    13- Top Rebel
    14- Vgolove
    15-Woman's Stuff
    To all my Fashionista be proud of your blog and look at it as a winner because that its how I see your blog.

    Friday, October 25, 2013


    All Manhattan Ladies walk as they were on wheels but its the city
     if you not fast enough you will miss out on something fast.
    There its always someone ready to get your spot in the business world
    or fashion you need to be a multitasker  in order to survive.
    Yes, I'm one of those and I could blog fax and be on the phone at the same time
    its an example in how we are raise and mentally its hard to change.
    Now I'm in a city totally the opposite slow and take your time no rush
    attitude, its hard for a New Yorker to slow down.
    Point in the matter if you want to live there be prepare and aware at all times
    and enjoy what the city has to offer even if you had to do it in a nick of time.
    Fashionista will you want to visit, live or work in Manhattan New York City? 

    Thursday, October 24, 2013


    Yes Fashionista,  I got Awarded again but this time its a different award I have never been awarded for its call THE ADDICTIVE BLOG AWARD cool name and I have to take this opportunity to thank Mary Michaela if you do not know by now has a fascinating blog you find it here you need visit and read.

    Award Rules:
    1. Thank the person awarding you.
    2. Share a little about why you blog and how the journey started.
    3. Paste the blog award on your page.
    4. Nominate 10 other bloggers you feel deserve the award

    Questions and Answers:

    1- What inspire you to name your blog with its name, what it means to you and which nickname do you sign your blogs post?

    The inspiration in naming by blog came from a board I created on Pinterest call beautify yourself.  I drop the name yourself and kept beautify the last four letter come from my pets name tifi change the I for Y.  My blog means I have the opportunity to express my fashion sense, likes and what I enjoy writing. I sign my post Jackie Harrison because I want everyone behind this blog to know its a person who enjoy and appreciate your time you take to read and leave a comment.

    2- If the "Blog TV" stopped you in the street and asked you "what is your main Characteristic, depend on other opinion.
    Its Kind I guess that its how I'm being proceed by others and I really do not mind because yes I am kind and enjoy being the person I am.

    3- What is the element that attracts you to keep blogging?

    Knowledge of new items and communicating and sharing with others.

    4- What pictures means life to you?

    Sunrise I know I'm alive another day and I thank god for it.

    5- Favorite word?


    Here are my nominees for The Addictive Blog Award:

    1- Express Yourself
    2- Fabulous Petite
    3-Glam Up Your Lifestyle
    4- It's All About Makeup and Beauty (pooja)
    5- Kim Bim
    6- VFP

    Hope you enjoy reading and if you are not on my list and  like to answer these question I will like to know add the answers to the comment box Thanks Fashionistas

    Wednesday, October 23, 2013



    The weather its getting cooler so we cannot forget about our furry little friends they also get cold and uncomfortable with the weather. There are so many choices for pets coats these day and great colors sometimes its hard to choose unless you have pets like mine that have there own individual styles, I think I created little monster when it comes to shopping, they either place the paw on the items or bark at it yes no joke not kidding. I usually shop in petsmart or any store that I find cute stuff. They have insulated coats, fleece, hoodies or sweaters that you will find for reasonable price or buy by the website I also got lucky in finding designers coats and clothes in Marshall.

    I will be showing you both of my dogs the first its Moo the name its base on his natural coat he has cow spot so why not name him what cow said Moo he is 9 years old. He going to be sporting a tweed jacket with reflectors great when taking the dog for walks and it has Velcro to make it convenient to put on your pet.


    This look he is wearing below is Puffer coat with a hoodie attach he likes to wear when the weather its colder.

    This its Tifi her name means little girl in creole language at New Orleans. She its 3 years old and love to get dress, dance and pose for pictures. She its sporting a Grease pink Jacket if you had watch the movie than you will know what the jacket means if not please do great movie. It has Velcro easier to put on your pet and the material its soft they also have available The T-Birds for male pup, my above pup has other taste for what you could see was not interested in T-Bird jacket.

    I also found like I mention above in Marshall a designer coat for Tifi from Cynthia Rowley for twelve dollars not bad for the style and the insulation it contains also soft fake fur.




     Fashionista and Gentleman let me know what you think about my Furry little friends and their fashion sense. They will love to know your opinion I will make sure to share with them.
    Will you consider in buying a coat for your Furry friend?