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SIGMA by beautify11 featuring a contour brush Some of us do own Sigma products from makeup brushes to makeup. They very inventive company you see their products mention on YouTube for every new thing they come out with, the makeup brushes are soft and very sturdy. The makeup palettes has beautiful pigments This spring they have come out with awesome shadow colors you need to check their website to see for yourself. Fashionistas do you own any Sigma products or will you try it out? Gentleman do you know a ladie that had try Sigma products? Sigma Beauty beauty product Sigma Beauty purple eyeshadow Sigma Beauty palette eyeshadow Sigma Beauty concealer Sigma Beauty eyeshadow Sigma Beauty eyeshadow Contour brush Mrs. Bunny Essential Kit f25 tapered face sigmabeaut


  This is going to be an informative and delicious recipe I will show to you how you could start your day right my adding Cashew in your daily diet. We are not talking about any Cashew no way this specific brand I bring  to your attention is absolutely delicious mild, roasted and has the right amount of sea salt. This brand is CAJU store Located in San Francisco, the farm is located in Vietnam.  They selectively pick and roast with the right amount of sea salt their own cashews.   Main focus of Caju to bring a grade A product to the consumer.  That itself got me to try it out, personally could not put the Cashew down after tasting one. Experience for yourself get the product at  you could also learn more about their history and the nutrition. Here is how I incorporate Caju cashew  in my daily diet. TASTY CASHEW SMOOTHIE    INGREDIENTS 1/4 CUP OF DATES 1 TABLESPOON OF HONEY 1/3  CUP  CHOPPED ROASTED CASHE


Thank you Ladies and Gentleman for all of  your support and visit. We have 9 winners for the 10 dollars Mall Of Style Giveaway 9 participated so nine won. So lets take a moment to congratulate the winners... CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL!!! 1-NERLINE GERMAIN (CHIC FROM HAIR 2 TOE) 2-MARY MICHAELA (FAIRYMAKEUPTALES) 3-LUBKA CHRISTOVA (BALGARKA 4-ALICE CEREA (BABYWHATSUP) 5-MILUSKA SOSA (HELLO LUPI) 6-KATI ( ALMOSTSTYLISH) 7-ASA LINDBERG (KASHAYAS) 8-CARMEN COTUGNO (CARMY 1978) 9-SANDEEP KAUR SANDHU (SANDY SANDHU) Ladies I send you all an email  with the new update for Mall Of Style Web is working and also the code to get your wins. Please contact me with any questions. Any question feel free to send me an email.


SIREN RED by beautify11 featuring woven handbags Sexy and Settle is this outfit Siren Red with stripe skirt and beautiful stylish sandals who will not want to have their pretty pedicure toes showing through these shoes. Three types of handbags either one perfect to carry with this look. Crop shirt the brings in the cool trend. Perfect for date night or just to style no matter where you decide to wear it to. Fashionistas will you wear this outfit? Gentleman how you like this outfit? Crop shirt bo Stripe skirt $20 - Charline De Luca red leather sandals Woven handbag SPECIAL NOTE I want to take this opportunity to thank Sarah Rizaga for nominating me for the Liebster Award. I do not not qualified due to having over 200 followers. I like to show my appreciation for the nomination. Sarah has a great blog about fashion and her everyday go to outfits. The n


Hi Ladies and Gentleman, the reason for this post is to inform you  the Bad Experience I had and to alert you not tell you not to do business. As bloggers its our duty to bring to other bloggers and consumers the best that we can in reviewing a product. Is not fair for a blogger or consumer to be mislead to believe the company is trust worthy. If they cannot be direct when doing a collaboration. Who's to say they are honest with the consumer. Now my advice to you do plenty of research I apologize for having it on my blog. The Bad Experience in my collaboration is with:   Dressale and Angolee. My advice to all companies If you do a contract and the blogger comply with it by doing what you requested and  all of a sudden an unexplainable issue happens in your part  like (system, computer etc).  The blogger who comply with the instructions should not be held accountable for you to use it as an excuse not to give what you agree  within the writt


CARIBBEAN ISLAND PUERTO RICO This Island is so enriched with culture they are voted for Top Ten Island In The Caribbean for 2014 base on attraction, beaches, historic and the cuisine. Their food is known for a diverse rich flavorful and budget friendly. One of the budget friendly recipe is Maizena a custard pudding that they eat for breakfast especially on a chilly morning. I found this delicious recipe online (allrecipes) and going to share with you it is simple and easy to make. At no time you will be enjoying a Puerto Rican favorite. CARIBBEAN ISLAND CUSTARD ALSO KNOWN AS MAIZENA INGREDIENTS 2 Tablespoon cornstarch 1/8 teaspoon of salt 3 Tablespoon of white sugar 1/8 teaspoon of cinnamon 2 cups of milk PREP TIME: 5 MINUTES COOK TIME: 25 MINUTES READY: 30 MINUTES IMPORTANT NOTE Above is the original recipe I also like to modified the recipe to my liking so I added and extra ingredient is optional for you. 1/8 teaspoon


ME Here are some random beauty tips and tricks you could do when trying or playing  with your makeup. All are random from makeup artist, online to pinterest and me. I'm a big believer you should always try new things and beautify yourself. Hope you will want to try or maybe had done one of these Helpful Beauty Tips. ACNE PRONE SKIN Eat walnuts if you not allergic they are loaded with omega 3 fatty acids as well as salmon it lower inflammation and put breaks on breakout they are a great skin repair. (online tip) PORE ISSUES Wash face with warm water following  by cold to close pores. (my tip) GLOWING SKIN LIKE PROS Mix your skin highlighter and moisturizer before applying foundation, is a natural dewy look. If you want to skip foundation  mix illuminator with -tinted moisturizer   (makeup artist tip) HOW TO FAKE IT To hide scar, blemishes and spider vein mix foundation and sunscreen the combo melts into skin and camo


On March 10, 2014 I posted a Firmoo Glasses 5   30 dollar gift card   giveaway . On March 15, 2014 the giveaway announce the winners. I will like to take this moment to thank all of the participant and all who visit and comment for your support THANKS BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE.... NOW LET TAKE A MOMENT TO CONGRATULATE THE WINNERS. CONGRATULATION TO ALL YOU WILL RECEIVE SHORTLY AN EMAIL WITH WINNING CODE TO GET YOUR PRIZE... Your giveaway is over System has picked your winner(s): 1- Sandeep Kaur Sandhu 2- Eirhnh Sinanh 3- Amy Bunch 4- Fashionsbit 5- Mary Michaela


SPRING YOURSELF TO PERSUNMALL by beautify11 on Polyvore Perfect spring top the geometric print is beautiful and the material light and airy. Stylish enough to wear with pants like you see here or with a cute skirt. However you will like to wear it is a stylish top that could be worn for spring or summer. Ladies will you buy this top is it your type of style? Geometric Printed Chiffon Shirt Geometric Printed Chiffon Shirt elegant-pure-color-chiffon-blouse-with-rhinestone Looking for an elegant look this is the blouse for you with rhinestone display no need to add jewelry perfect for any occasion with skirt or pants bring an outfit step up to elegance. Do you agree Fashionistas will you add this blouse to your spring wardrobe? -black-white-contrast-lace-stitching-shirt- Pretty Lace such a girly look with skirt or pant is perfect to look sophisticated without trying to hard and


Real Techniques Stippling Brush Use to apply foundation great brush it blend evenly and flawless. L'OREAL REVITALIFT MIRACLE BLUR Great to minimize pores and give a flawless look to the complexion. L'OREAL REVITALIFT TRIPLE POWER UNDER EYE SERUM Great to prevent under eye bag dark circles, and lines. BENEFIT STAY DON'T STRAY UNDER EYE CONCEALER  Show how to apply on package  like you see on your right hand side great to use all above before applying shadow and under eye to conceal dark circle great miracle worker. BENEFIT GIMME BROW Give you coverage great when in a rush and do not want to fuss with your brow not waterproof. NYX NEW BUTTER LIPSTICK COLOR GUMDROP Great lipstick goes on smooth and the shade stay on all day NYX NEW BUTTER LIPSTICK COLOR RAZZLE Apply Butter lipstick feel like it moisturize  your lips. NYX MATTE LIPSTICK SHOCKING PINK