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As per several request to review this product as promise here is my honest opinion of the product. Let start with the packaging it gives so much information that as soon as you read it, automatically convince you to buy it. I had use this product for a year and I will said that it works for me. I also recommended to my Mom she loves it as well as some of my friends now they cannot get enough of it. Hopefully after reading my opinion you will want to try it out for yourself. Skin Renew anti puff eye roller-it helps with dark circle and under eye puffiness just like two cold spoon but better with the creamy consistency that glides on so easily with the right amount of product you blend and it will reduce the puffiness and will diminish the dark circle. THIS IS THE ACTUAL SIZE Easy to hold SILVER BALL ON TOP Easy to apply and  it roll on nicely. Gently roll on  and with ring finger smooth any excess until it blend to the skin It easily blend


I love avocados and always during season I like to look for different ways to incorporate them in my food. I love hummus so why not grab two ingredients I love and are healthy and make a hummus you will want to continue making after tasting it. Is simple and easy very tasty by roasting the chickpeas it enhance to  a light nutty flavor of the hummus. Adding the avocado brings the hummus to a delicious  new dish your family and friends will love. You could serve with baquette, cracker vegetables, or pita  INGREDIENTS 15 OUNCE OF CHICKPEAS DIVIDED 4 TABLESPOON OF THE CHICKPEAS CAN LIQUID 1 ZEST AND JUICE OF LEMON 1 AVOCADO DIVIDED 1 TEASPOON OF GARLIC MINCED 6 TABLESPOON OF GOOD OLIVE OIL 2 TEASPOON OF PAPRIKA DIRECTIONS STEP 1 ZEST AND JUICE 1 LEMON STEP 2 PAN ROAST 1/2 OF CHICKPEAS  1 ONE TEASPOON OF CHICK PEAS WATER OF THE CAN 1 TEASPOON OF PAPRIKA AND LEMON ZEST ROAST UNTIL THEY LOOK DRY


I was nominated for THE SUNFLOWER AWARD by the lovely blogger Ronii Davies, Thanks doll so appreciated and excited to be a part of your nomination. Here is her blog she has a style you will like to check out The rules are as follow: Share 11 Fact about yourself Answer the question set by the blogger that nominated you Nominate bloggers Set 7 questions for nominated bloggers 11 Facts about Me I'm as real as they come nothing fake about me. I like to surround myself with positive secure people. Enjoy reading magazine. Embrace life to the fullest. Love animals. Eating healthy is my lifestyle. Exercising is a part of my life. I get happy making new friends and learning about their cultures. I'm a perfectionist but I do have my days. Like to listen to music when I'm down and out. I do not take nothing for granted. Here are the question by Ronii and my answers. 1- Where are you fro


(image from google) When shopping online to try new things Why Not Buy It take a chance in new products or sample that you might end up loving here are items from Sephora, Ulta and Drugstore I wanted to try. THESE NEON COLORS NAIL POLISH I wanted to try them out La Color Brand and the price was 5 for 5 not bad in Walmart. The color do stay and it brighten like neon so I got a great deal. (walmart drugstore) INSTAGRAM IMAGE OF THE ORANGE ONE MAKE UP FOR EVER HD POWDER  I absolutely recommend this product I use and it absorb oil and lives you with flawless touch purchase the small size for travel. (purchase from sephora) MAKE UP FOR EVER  Got this in a small version as a sample from Sephora, try it love it repurchase in actual size. Lengthen your lashes and makes them thicker great mascara is not waterproof. TARTE BRONZER KIT Purchase to try out like it for a nice bronze look if that is what yo