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Do you know that papaya is one of the most healthiest fruit and you could also benefit from eating the seeds. The seeds have a peppery taste to them my suggestion add to a dressing will give you extra of  the vitamin C  and pro vitamin A to eat. Papaya Smoothie will benefit you from inside and out beside  being delicious is blends very smooth and as long as the papaya is ripe it will bring is own natural sweetener. You will feel like you in a tropical island drinking Papaya Smoothie . INGREDIENTS 1/2 of a Papaya -peeled, seedless and dice 1 Mango 2 Bananas 3 Tablespoon of Agave or Honey 1/4 cup of Orange Juice 3 Tablespoon of Non-Fat Plain Yogurt REMINDER MAKE SURE TO REMOVE THE SEEDS Place all ingredients in a blender blend until smooth. FINAL RESULT  ENJOY ALWAYS BEAUTIFY YOURSELF FROM INSIDE AND OUT!!! HAVE A SAFE AND WONDERFUL WEEKEND!!!


Is all about having Pretty Nails here are some I share on Instagram here is my link beautify11jackie welcome to follow or hashtag me your manicure. Ladies how your prefer to have your manicure bright or neutrals?


What a better time to get yourself organize and get rid of  old items you have  with makeup or other essentials. here I give you  Ideas To Organize Your Items. Hopefully it will give you  the incentive to get organize also these ideas are with items you might already own. (All images unless specified is from pinterest) Nail Polish Organization Cute Smart Way To Stored Bobby Pins Makeup Brushes Never Look So Good Four Ways To Stored Your Makeup What A Clever Way To Organize Scarf Jewelry Organization Hats Organization Hair Tool How Cool Display Your Perfume Bottles In A Pretty Way I hope these Ideas are helpful they all in Pinterest So lets Beautify our stuff.


(google image) OPPS I SHOP AGAIN!!! Terrible habit I need to practice look but do not buy, that is really hard to do. (lol) Stop by Ulta to look but looking turn into shopping. I could not resist these few makeup items to try out. NYX BAKED BLUSH Great as a Illuminator or Bronzer I love this color has a great sheer and I use it as a hightlight and on top of my pink blush to illuminate. Nice product one of you review it ( sorry cannot remember who)  and I was convince to get it. Also love the package. UBU -URBAN BEAUTY UNITED  Beside being my favorite color is big and super soft. Great powder brush due to the natural bristle use less powder. SOFTLIPS CUBE Lip Perfecting 5-1 lip care it contains vitamin A, C and E also spf 15 you cannot go wrong trying this product out is only 3.99 US Dollars NEW MAYBELLINE BABY LIPS CRYSTAL Yes, is new and I always get baby lips they never fail with the packaging or the color choices. Pink


(GOOGLE IMAGE) In the humid weather I'm always testing to see how can I make a refreshing recipe, no matter if is with a fruit or in this case Vegetable. Several attempts I finally got the recipe, I absolutely love  and enjoy eating. Is great to bring along  HOT CIDER CUCUMBER PICKLE to a picnic and or backyard barbecue. Give it a try  and let me know. INGREDIENTS 1 CUCUMBER SLICE IN 1/4 INCH 1 MEDIUM WHITE ONION SLICE 3 TABLESPOON OF SUGAR 1 CUP OF APPLE CIDER 1 CUP OF WATER 2 SPRIGS OF DILL (OPTIONAL) DIRECTIONS IN A SAUCE PAN ADD 1 CUP OF RAW  APPLE CIDER .  1 CUP OF WATER, 3 TABLESPOON OF SUGAR, SLICE ONION BRING TO A BOIL THAN POUR OVER SLICE CUCUMBER ADD 2 SPRIGS OF DILL PLACE IN THE REFRIGERATOR FOR 2-3 HOURS DRAIN AND SERVE. CUCUMBER SLICE ONION SLICE   BRING TO BOIL POUR OVER SLICE CUCUMBER ADD 2 SPRIGS OF DILL FINAL RESULT ENJOY