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(google image) Did you ever wonder the benefits of eating mushrooms. They provide extra serving of vegetables with Vitamin D, Iron, Niacin, and Potassium is time to take a second look to see how to add it to your everyday dish. Here is a recipe you might want to try and add as a side dish, these little bite size are perfect for a cocktail party or serve to your family. INGREDIENTS 1 pint of White Bottom Mushrooms Stems 1/2 Cup of Italian Style Bread Crumbs 1 Small Onion cut in wedges 2-3 Tablespoon of olive oil Tools Baking Sheet cover with aluminum foil and spray with non-stick spray Food Processor How To Clean a Mushroom Use a damp paper towel or a soft brush to wipe gently each mushrooms. Important: Do not soak mushroom they absorb water DIRECTIONS Preheat oven at 350 degrees, After cleaning all the mushrooms Hollow out each mushroom cap set the stem aside do this step to each mushroom. In a food processor add th


ALL IMAGES FROM GOOGLE & PINTEREST Here is a peek of what is hot this Spring Season. Runway were sporting it and I call it SPRING TREND YOU MUST TRY!!! Plenty of cool things from clothes, hair and fringes handbags Here you could see for yourself. Let me know which Spring Trend you will try? LIGHT BLUE you could find from dresses, handbags, shoes and cool tops. This color will go well on so many skin tone. MULTIPLE BRAIDS From Fishtail and Multiple edgy looks Designer show a ton on the runway. LOW PONY TAILS Keep top smooth and the pony texture WHITE SHIRT  Everyone should have a white shirt the most staple wardrobe always classic. BLOCK HEELS Easy to walk in   is worn with  tailored pants or midi skirt take you from work to fun. FRINGE You see it in Skirt, Shoes, Tops, Dresses, The swingy detail is everywhere.  GINGHAM No matter how you wear it is the cutest print for Spring. SU


ME AS A CARTOON Beauty shopping in Ulta one item,  I'm pretty  disappointed with. Sometime we need to try beauty in order to know what work for us as an individual. "I always said what works for me might not work for you." Here are few items I --Try Out, Love, Repurchase. LOVE-REPURCHASE BAREMINERAL BARESKIN Great foundation gives a natural flawless look, blend very well. So many shades they offer to choose from. They do sell the brush for this foundation separately, I did not feel the need to get. I apply it with my stipple brush and it works great shake before using is very important. When I purchase this it came with a free sample of powder foundation with a small brush cute like the package but do not like the foundation in powder. The powder foundation came in the color Medium Biege and liquid Bareskin is in Latte.   Summer my skin get a little darker So I always go one shade up. TRY OUT - LOVE


(google image) I know some of you associates red meat with food that is off limits due  to being a vegetarian but you could try the side dishes.  This recipe is perfect and compliments Beef, Chicken or Fish so which ever you prefer give the side dishes a try with it. My Way Latkes No, I'm not jewish but I had mention I'm an epicurious person who loves to try different nationality food. So after several trials I came out with this simple recipe. So do not shy away and give it a try. INGREDIENTS 3 Potatoes peeled cut in halves 1 medium onion cut into wedges 1/2 cup of All Purpose Flour 2 eggs lightly beaten 1/2 cup of Vegetable oil for frying 1 Teaspoon of Salt and Fresh Ground Pepper TOOLS YOU NEED Strainer Bowl Food Processor with Fitted Shredded Disk Deep Skillet 1 Measuring Tablespoon Plate Paper Towel DIRECTIONS In the food processor shred the potatoes and onion in batches add each batch to the st


MY FOO FOO DOGS for those who do not know on your left is my female pup Tifi   on your right male pup Moo My fur babies every winter they get a coat or sweater.  When we have an event or appointment to go to they pick with their nose which they prefer to wear.  After a while I start noticing which one is their favorite. So here is my pup favorite outerwear trust me when I tell you they love the camera and when they get tired they let me know you will see in the images. This is why they are called Foo Foo dogs. Let start with the female pup Tifi is a Big Time Doginista love to wear Dresses, Sweater any Doggie fashion she will try it on. Here are two of her winter favorites. Turtleneck Sweater is soft pink and in style. She love to pose.  Cute detail on the back of sweater  bone shape it matches her favorite toy. I had enough (lol) This image above is when she had enough of the camera lol Her favori


I was Nominated on January 29, 2015  For Very Inspiring Versatile Blogger Award  By Amy  from   a blogger who shares her fashion and lifestyle check how blog out if you haven't. Thank you Amy very well appreciated. RULES 1. Thank and link the amazing person who nominated you. 2. List the rules and display the award 3. Share seven facts about yourself 4. Nominate 15 other amazing blogs and  comment on their posts to let them know they have been nominated. OPTIONAL:  Proudly display the award logo on your blog and  follow the blogger who nominated you. EVEN FACTS ABOUT ME: 1. Lately I been wanting to take more time for myself. 2. Little things make me happy especially when someone put thought to it. These kisses clip on-- The thoughtful person who gave it to me thought of my blog at first glance, Very thoughtful and sweet. CUTE RIGHT!!! 3. I do not know how to knit and I do n