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You know is summer when sweet peaches are all over the place to try. I like going to my farmers market and get the best fruits they have to offer and Peaches do not fall far behind perfect for bake goods, homemade ice cream and my main favorites Smoothies. Peach Delight Smoothie So refreshing you might want to start or end your day with a glass of it I just cannot get enough of the creamy delight taste of it. So let me share a smoothie you will drink time after time. INGREDIENTS 1 Cup of Fresh or Frozen Peaches 3 Bananas Peeled and Slice 1/4 Cup Greek Plain Non-Fat Yogurt 2 Tablespoon of Organic Agave or Honey 1/4 Cup of Coconut Water or Coconut Milk 1 Teaspoon   Fat Free Reddi Whip (Topping)  (optional) DIRECTIONS Put all ingredients above  Blend until Smooth Top it off with A Teaspoon of Fat Free Reddi Whip (optional) FINAL RESULT BENEFITS IN DRINKING PEACH DELIGHT Peaches contain antioxidant and Vitami


(me) The Stylish Way To Cuff Jeans It does not matter what shoes you wear with the jeans is how you cuff them. ALL IMAGES BELOW FROM PINTEREST TIPS HOW TO CUFF JEANS SKINNY CUFF like I'm wearing and  this image  1-Fold the bottom of Jean to create a half of inch cuff 2-Fold the second time to add extra half  inch to the cuff it should be nice and tight above the ankle 3-Elongate your legs by adding nude heal. THICK CUFF A Thick cuff requires a wider leg or loose jeans. 1-Fold the jeans create 1 inch cuff 2-Fold again it will be 2 inch thick 3-Smooth the cuff to create a polish look  HALF CUFF Half cuff cute to wear with boyfriend jean or slouch jeans 1 - To accomplish half cuff Fold in inch cuf f If is slouch and you want to add accordion style 1-Start by making single 1 inch cuff 2-Bunch the bottom of cuff to create dimension and texture 3-Finish my folding the hem down. A TWO FOLD Fo


 (Google images) Having a hard day  Keep Calm and Buy More Makeup now being a blogger we cannot get enough trying out new makeup products this is a fact!  as well as buying clothes, handbag or shoes. Do you agree ladies? So it is one of those days When I laugh of a hard day and go do what I enjoy doing finding beauty I want to try in this case DRUGSTORE GOODIES!!!! Here is what I found. NEW WET n WILD FERGIE BLUSHES The blushes run for $4.99 I got one for that price and the second since I have a Walgreens reward card I got it for 2.49 that is a steal ladies. These blushes shades are stunning also they also long wearing about 10 hours or more. Is hard to believe their are drugstore. They did a great job with this product. Here I have the shade in Brush With Danger #A159 This has a great amount of pigment so you have to be careful and apply lightly I see it more like a matte color but is looks amazing wit


You guys know is that time of year when I become a wiz with my blender by adding Fruits or Veggies creating different types of smoothies. I know I have done a few green smoothies or Green Detox but is good to keep in mind  that is great for your health and beauty. Incorporating all of the fruits and vegetables gives you full vitamins that benefit you.  Good to try it and see which one is your favorite. MY PERSONAL OPINION Some juicer claim benefits but they extract it you miss out on the fiber. To me that is like boiling broccoli you loose some of the vitamin from it not getting all of it. Here are three link for different version of Green Smoothie you might want to try. This one is my first one Now here is a new one and trust m


HOW TO GET YOUR HAIR TO GROW HEALTHY Our hair is a big part of us so we have to take care of it like we do  for facial and body. We should start by why we should get a trim or haircut. IMPORTANT The hair grows one half inch  every four weeks but for me and I bet others it grow fast. If you have Medium to Long Hair You should get regular haircuts or trim, To keep the hair healthy. Hair that has too much chemical and is under a hot tool it cause it to have split end and fragile breakage. Getting a hair cut or trim regularly it will help your hair to get and grow strong and healthy.  I have to said I do not mind going to my hair stylist NANCY, Which I been for the last 3-4 year We had build a great friendship. Here is an example how good my hairstylist is I just said long length trim and she always gets me. Check the image below. If you are in the South Carolina area and will like to know where she is located to get a haircut drop m


MY CARTOON IMAGE You must be wondering why is Jackie shopping so much for makeup. Let just face it beauties! when makeup expire  is time to get rid of old and purchase new one. We have the tendency to adding more than what we already had and got rid of lol. Well in my case everything expire and when I was home with time in my hand to organize   is when I came about to notice that is that time to start renewing my makeup vanity. I like to purchase from high end and drugstore not for nothing, drugstore makeup has amp up their game in making great quality. I know it comes down to preference but base on  my experience not all high end price products guarantee high quality. SHOPPING FOR MAKEUP IN DRUGSTORE  Tips In Shopping Drugstore Items: 1- Do research on the products. 2- See what works for you. 3- If something work noted down  to purchase and keep in your beauty routine. 4-Do not shy away from new products it might surprise y


Is that time of year when I get Smoothie creative and bring to you the best tasty drink you could enjoy. ALL BERRIES SMOOTHIE INGREDIENTS 2 Bananas Cut in Half 1/4 Cup of Strawberries  1/4 Cup of Blueberries 1/4 Cup of Raspberries 3 Tablespoon of Non Fat Plain Yogurt 1 Tablespoon of Agave Nectar (organic)  (If using Honey 2 Tablespoon) 1/4 Cup of Coconut Water DIRECTIONS Place all ingredients in a blender blend until smooth  FINAL RESULT TIP IN HOW TO SERVE IN DIFFERENT GLASS   GARNISH WITH THE FRUITS Guest will know what fruits you use. GREAT KITCHEN TOOL One of my favorite tools to rinse off berries You get two for only four dollars. Get it here:  ENJOY ALWAYS BEAUTIFY YOUR GLASS AND HEALTH!!!