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Victoria Beckham a 41 year old Mother,
Singer of Spice Girls, and now well known Designer.
 She face heavy backlash on the media about using Super Skinny
Model to strut her design on the catwalk for Spring/Summer 2016
collection. I took it upon myself to read some of the media comments
and opinions of others some was constructive and some was plain
rude, harsh not keeping in mind they not just bashing Victoria Beckham
but the models who by the way I do not see Super Skinny and we
should take in consideration this could be their natural body frame.
I understand that is not good to use a below weight model because
is not giving the right message to today youth in body image.
By using words like anorexic, emaciated and so on is not helping
getting the right message out there either.

Designer have an understanding by now since 2010 when they banned
not to use extreme low weight models. In this case I really did
not see the issue they do not look extreme and 
the last one closing the show is only seventeen years old
who to said she is not naturally skinny some people are
and they are mistakenly judge as an anorexic person.

I do not think is right and it strike a cord with me.
Because I was one of those people Super Skinny
by nature no matter how much I eat I was not gaining weight
and if I did it really did not show when I was in my teen.
I was bully by words, like bones, skeleton, anorexic and so on
I thank god I have thick skin which I handle these criticism very well
and it only made me stronger and understand everyone has an opinion.
Do not take me wrong I was not one you could walk on like a rug.
I did respond with a class act and left them thinking of their own actions
how ignorant they were.



I do not defend that is okay to use or make models go below
weight to do a show.

Is not good to judge without knowing the facts you might end up
looking like a fool or jumping to unnecessary conclusion.

Embrace and love your figure.
Lets accept who we are not what society wants you to be.
Healthy eating and exercising for the benefit of being healthy
is the key.

Victoria Beckham fashion is outstanding enjoy the show
and share your opinion do you see extreme skinny models
or is it a negative view on behalf of the viewers.


  1. love the collection! xxx

  2. Her line is really doing great and love her designs. As for using super skinny models, hmmmm...its their choice.

  3. I can agree on all points, you can't help if you can't gain weight and everything. Sorry to hear you were bullied :( That sucks!


  4. I was naturally skinny girl and I have always heard advices about eating more etc. I understand your point of view, but I think, that not showing different kind of body shapes is a big fault of the fashion industry.

  5. I think they are as skinny as most models on the catwalk. However, I think many models are too thin, and this is not by nature. People and many children bully others because they are different. I totally agree with you. No matter what others think. When I was a child I was a little overweight and came from another country and some children insulted me. It's hard, but you have to learn to love yourself. I've never insulted other people and still don't understand that behavior.

    Jasmine xx

  6. Whether u are fat or thin you are constantly ridiculed, criticized and made to feel disgusting abt urself. I have been overweight & fat since last 8 years.I felt very pressurised by society to loose weight. earlier it used to affect me now it does not because i am fat as i hv a medical problem so ppls opinion dnt matter.. I want to loose weight to feel healthy is all i know and noone hs the right to let u down even if u are skinny !!!!

  7. Un desfile increíble. Me encanta! Un beso guapa

  8. True points dear. Sorry to hear you were bullied.


  9. This collection is absolutely gorgeous! Victoria Beckham always interprets beautiful feminine silhouettes in her designs :)

    Lu |

  10. Totally agree... healthy eating and exercising is the key!!!
    I'm sorry to hear you were bullied Jackie!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Facebook

  11. Sorry you were bulllied, Jackie!
    These models look as skinny as normal models on the catwalks, not extremely...
    A big hug from Italy :)


  12. Love all <3

  13. By nature, if you are skinny, no one should say anything. But I have model friends. Not so nice stories about how they keep their weight.

  14. Oh, I am sorry for the bad words, it is true, there are people who eat and eat and are still thin, it's just the way they are. In my case it was the contrary, I tend to put on weight if I just breathe something sweet, so I have to be careful with every gramm of food and I have heard some bad words in my teens, as well. Now it is OK, we just need to accept that we are Ok the way we are!

  15. The collection was fab and the models were thin but no thinner than models used at other shows.

  16. Bela postagem amei arrasou como sempre

  17. I am sorry to hear about your experience Jackie. I agree with this article healthy eating is key and I don't notice these specific models being more skinnier than other models.

  18. Dear Jackie, this is a very difficult but important theme. And I'm so sorry my English is to bad to say what I want. I feel with you for your experience!! Hugs Cla

  19. I would prefer the models being average weight, so you could actually see how the clothes look on an average person!

    Have a great day,

  20. I am really glad that you brought this issue up, Jackie because I don't understand the back lash either. Her models were thin but no thinner than other models on other shows. I do think many are just prejudice against her, I've read the nastiest comments about her without any solid evidence, calling her all sorts of names. And yes, I wish society will one day stop criticizing other's body. No one is the same, our body differs from one another. I eat a lot, exercise little and I easily maintain my weight. I snack almost all day long and don't gain much whereas my husband's niece is an avid runner, trains everyday, runs countless marathons and watches what she eats and she's not slim so who are we to condemn other's weight? Good job in writing this!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  21. I totally agree with you on this.

  22. I think all body types need to be embraced and if these models were healthy and that is their natural bodyframe then there should not be an issue.

  23. Dear Jackie, I'm sorry for what you had to experience due to ignorant people. What's most important is to accept oneself and not try to change and hurt oneself to step on a runway. The problem is that most designers don't understand yet that beauty is not a size. I hope those models feel well and happy. Baci,
    Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog - Valeria Arizzi

  24. She's always been criticised about her own weight, it doesn't surprise me she had backlash for this as people are quick to link her to 'too skinny' or suggest eating disorders.

    It's frustrating as it seems to be okay to call people too skinny but it's not okay to call people too fat. The mindset around it is all wrong.

    Corinne x

  25. The fashion world can be cruel to the models. I liked to know more about you Kisses!

  26. Jackie I agree with you because the same thing happened to be when I was a teenager! Teenage girls were so mean calling me names because I was a size 0 and I'm 5'7. I tried so hard to gain weight but I couldn't. I felt so desperate I started wearing 2 leggings underneath my jeans to look a little heavier which really didn't helped lol.

  27. Thanks for sharing your opinion Jackie. I heard all about this but have yet been able to see the show (can't even watch your video right now, but will come back tomorrow!) I don't think name calling is appropriate, no matter what your size is. I'm not a huge fan of super skinny models, not the ones who are naturally thin but the ones who clearly are not. I think one can somewhat differentiate between the two. I do believe the use of only using super thin models promotes the wrong image for many younger girls. Most who don't have such thick skins as you did. These days I can't even imagine HOW HARD it must be for younger girls, back when I was young I thought it was hard but that is nothing on this generation.


  28. Jackie I want to extend hugs to you that you were bullied. I see all the points you made and I agree people should embrace their figure. Very insightful post.

  29. That's so cruel! Sorry you had to go through that Jackie! You handled it well! I don't see anything wrong with these models. People will always have something to say.

  30. Cyber bullying can be so outrageous. You get criticized whether you are obese or thin. It is easy for some to just sit behind a computer screen and start hurting other people's feelings. My motto is simple: Unless you have something meaningful to say, I don't have to read it. Great post doll!

  31. Such a thoughtful post Jackie! You are right, we should not label or be quick to judge. I do sometimes see some magazine models that are so skinny I am afriad for their health , But I believe the modeling scene is a bit healthier now.
    I am sorry you had to experience what you did.
    XX, Elle


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