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There still some things we do not know and is 
helpful when someone brings it to light.
This post is about beauty tips you 
might or might not know.
Hope it is helpful to you or to someone
you could share it with.


1- Concealer outside the lips helps prevent lipstick from bleeding also help make lips fuller.
       Use a lipstick blush to apply!

2- Concealer are great to conceal any scars cause by shaving or vein on legs by dabbing gently
     with a makeup sponge just make sure the concealer come close to your skin color.

3- Camouflage crows feet with lighter concealer.

4- If you in a rush create an outfit in a snap by having dark jean and a plain white bottom shirt 
     will help you get out the door faster, dark jean perfect to wear for any occasion.

5- Apply eye cream under and on lid of the eyes before applying makeup it 
will make it go on smoother.

6- Never use liner on the inner first third of the eye it will make eyes seem closer.

7- Do not overdo exfoliating it cause skin to over dry lose moisture and it give redness and acne.

8- As per Perricone whether you a teen, 20's or have mature skin the basics are the same. To          avoid irritation stay away from scrubbing, grains,abrasive pad,wash cloth and alcohol base           toner and astringent. This could disturb your normal ph balance produce inflammation and             dryness that will age and damage skin.

9- Apply blush the right way by placing the blush on the apples of your cheeks and sweep outward blending as you go.

10- Skip bronzer with too much shimmer it won't look natural.

11-Switch makeup by season what looks great on your skin in the summer might not
look that flattering in the winter. Pay close attention to your skin and what
works for you and do not forget is fun to play with makeup and products cautiously.

12- A great way to lock your makeup in place and matte your skin is setting powder, no need
to apply all over face it make skin looks flat it give one dimension look with
less radiance it could make you look older. Apply in the t-zone or the spot
that has tendency becoming oily through the day and under the eyes to set concealer.

13- Washing with hot water or showering could strip your skin of it's natural oils
and leave it parched. Rinse with warm or cold.

14-Focus on your own individual needs. Watching youtube is great
to get ideas but to do the same mastering eye looks like smokey does
not mean it will work for you.
Do what works for you not what looks on others.

15- When applying eye shadows stick to one or 2 shades 3 the max
in the same family shade.

16- When your foundation is too dewy. Is nice to look radiant hey 
I'm big on that! but their is a fine line between healthy glow and
a face that looks like an oil spill you get my thrift.
Just add a thin layer of fine milled powder over t-zone and  cheeks it
absorb the oil. 

17- Replenish your skin in the winter by switching lightweight moisturizer
for a thicker, richer face cream, to get double the dose of hydration
apply to slightly damp skin it helps lock in moisture.
By Dr. Tanzi

18- Pamper your skin a weekly sheet mask will give your
complexion an extra boost once applied it literally creates a barrier
sealing in all the good stuff and helping it better absorb into your skin.
By Dr.Tanzi

Here are some of my products I use in the winter:

Maybelline Fit Me Foundation
and Powder Matte Poreless
Foundation shade-125 Warm Nude
Powder 100-Translucent
For some reason this foundation and
powder did not work as well in the Summer.
I gave it another try and was surprise in how it looks on me.
 Love how it looks on my skin,
Very natural is always what I like
to accomplish because it works for me.
So, for now is my winter go to foundation and powder.

Long Lasting Press Powder
in Translucent 001
Natural Bronzer 
sun light 021
This is perfect for me during 
the cold weather and I'm in
a mood for a sun kiss look
but without looking orange
because ladies orange is not
the tan we want.
I reduce the shade in the bronzer 
and get a setting powder for areas
that tend to shine.
This is not the bronzer
I use for contour.
 I use Lorac contour palette
it works amazing for contour.
If you want to use Rimmel for contour
go a shade darker than the one I mention above.

Ladies do you know a tip you will like to share?


  1. These are some great tips! Would keep them in mind!

  2. I recently learnt the concealer around the lip trick! It's fab.

    Corinne x

  3. Awesome tips, Jackie! I'm a sucker for face masks too & put them on every week! xoxo

  4. Oh I love these tips! I didn't know some of these I need to try them out :)


  5. I love sheet masks and use them a few times a week.

  6. This is truly awesome! Thanks for sharing. :)

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  7. Exfoliating often was my problem. Now i do it only twice a week. Great tips, Jackie!

  8. These are amazing tips, Jackie, thank you! And trust me, I've learnt my lesson the hard way about over exfoliating, my skin went nuts!

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  9. I didn'te know many of these things, thank you!


  10. These are helpful and useful tips. I do some of these. Thanks for the inspiration. xx/Madison
    Tea Savvy

  11. Some great tips. Thanks for sharing!

    Have a great week,

  12. Dear Jackie,
    great make up tips. Some are new for me, some are in my beauty routine. For example: concealer are my miracle weapon for wake up eyes. I never use bronzer with shimmer and with concealer my lips looks fuller. Thank you for sharing all these great tips.

  13. Thanks for sharing this very interesting post Jackie. I learned some new things today.

  14. Thank you for the incredible tips Jackie. I will sure be using some :)

  15. No I didn't know none of them. Thanks for the tips, doll.

  16. Awesome tips Jackie! I use concealer before applying lipstick all the time, it's such a great trick.

    xo, jackie

  17. Jackie, Amazing tips! Many are news to me and I will try the concealer over lips to prevent lipstick bleed! Thanks!
    xx, Elle

  18. Oh, and I love your new blog look!
    xx, Elle

  19. I love these kinds of posts Jackie! I will share a few tips myself in a blog post :-) Baci, Valeria - Coco et La vie en rose fashion blog

  20. These really are wonderful tips. I really agree we should all switch up our makeup when the seasons change.


  21. Great tips. Thanks for sharing. Kisses!

  22. Fab tips Jackie! Thanks so much for sharing :0

    Keisha xo
    The Chrysalis Gal

  23. These are such lovely tips very helpful and informative <3

    Capturing Life Memoirs | bloglovin' | Instagram

  24. I never copy anyone for make up keep it simple.. loved the tips so useful. also the maybelline fit me range has just launched in India.. looking forward to trying it

  25. These are really good tips to follow Jackie! So true.

  26. Awesome facts put together in a singlr post.


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