Wednesday, March 30, 2016


You must be wondering what is this when I first
posted on my IG Account
You welcome to follow and press now the three dots
on the right hand side in profile for post notifications.

Instagram had been making changes since Facebook
became owner back 4 years ago.
So with that said if you have Facebook
that is constantly changing and as per
what I heard and read no one bother reading,seeing or
responding on Facebook.
 I do not think Facebook changes were helpful.
This start to make me wonder if Instagram is heading
toward the same direction it will affect the Bloggers.

Let see why! If you do not press the notification it will be impossible to
see your posted images of the day.
To be honest this did not make any sense to me if that is the case,
we won't be able to see no ones then it will
be like a ghost media without images Dah Instagram!

As per instagram engagement has dropped significantly in the last year.
I honestly believe is due to continues changes 
like how many comments, likes are given 
and how influencers and marketers should get the word out.

In the beginning I so enjoy adding images to Instagram
now is becoming a job trying to keep up with all the changes
and how it affect the status of your ad and blog.


First they change what you should post.
Than they change how many likes.
Than they change how many comments.
We went along with this but now
I see a reaction completely different, 
because the reality of this change
it will affect blogger and marketers alike.
In simple words it will be nuisance.

This algorithm change mean it will
rearrange timeline feeds to show content.
We had chronological timelines that appear
at the moment you post something.
So by having this timeline
I could miss so many of your post
due to your timezone,
and as well you will miss mine.
Is it really!!!!
Or is it that you will see
the one who you like the most
come up first on your feed.
This is all assumptions 
all we could do is wait and see.
So far I notice that if I do not press the notification
it will take a while to see your images 
if timezone are different.
The ones I press for post notification is in a sequence order at
the time it was posted.

In order to prevent missing from each other
you need to press the 3 dots on right hand side of profile.
There is no way you could notice
if someone did that for you
but rest to sure someone will come up with
an app that will be helpful to know.
The only way you will know now if
you cannot see the image or press like.
 Is fun to see the creativity of others
now is going to be miss I do not know
how Instagram thinks this is helpful.

So Ladies and Gentleman 
I'm with your guys feeling the frustration and fed up
with Instagram changes.
I wonder what is the next change our cognomen on our profile.

Thank you for all who had press my Post Notification
and sharing your opinion here and on my Instagram account
how you feel about the changes.
Also for keeping me inform, so well appreciated.

All we could do is wait and see if this change was worth it.



  1. Great post hun! So stunning.

    JENNEROUTFITS.COM a blog dedicated to kendall and kylie jenner’s best outfits.

  2. Must be frustrating! Thanks for sharing :) x

    The Belle Narrative

  3. Oh Jackie I really HATE this change. I hardly go on my own Instagram so this will be just rubbish for me. I'm not going to see who I actually want to see because I'm hardly on liking their photos. Soon they'll start offering/charging "boosts" to get more views on your photo. So annoying


  4. Thanks for sharing this interesting post Jackie, I don't love IG change!
    Kisses, Paola.


    My Facebook

  5. I hardly use Instagram. If I am active on all social media platforms, I don't think I will have a life.

  6. It's quite frustrating for sure, I love Instagram, I wish they would stop with the changes.
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  7. Awesome post! I had fun reading this. :)

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  8. The move is really bad and will definitely affect us bloggers as we promote our posts there... facebook is having the same policy and I do have a page fr name sake.. my post only reaches a limited audience n i hv to pay to boost my post and page which I never will.. I just hope IG doesnt go the same way.. if so, many ppl will find other apps which are many now a days.. I always had ur post notification on so that I dnt miss it :)

  9. Great post Jackie, I was talking about FB/IG and their (loved-hated???)changes today with a colleague of mine...


  10. I think people are getting too worked up over this and it hasn't even happened yet. I honestly don't want a notification every time someone posts. This is good article explaining the changes -

    1. It did happen because it was notice than it went back to normal because of the complains everyone gave now we do not know if they will do it again without notifying us they did the same with all the other changes. I believe no one want this notification. The article did not explain it just show to much of the complain and no structural fact.

  11. Great post

    New post :

  12. I agree I don't like these changes. I rarely go on Instagram now.

  13. I don't think no one like this change.

  14. This Instagram changing confused me so much. Thank you for explaining.

  15. I hate, yes, freaking HATE these changes, it's unnecessary and for the lack of a better work 'fucking stupid'. Who on earth thought this is a good idea should be fired!

    I love IG because I enjoy photography but I am missing out on so many posts these days and it annoys me to no end!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

  16. Instagram listened up to all our frustration and decided to postpone this update! According to what they announced on Twitter.
    I also saw that one of IG account already changed and I couldn't see anything on my feed, but the next day it went back to normal.
    It's so good when we can unite and keep the community as as like it! :))

  17. It's not going to happen for a while as they're still running tests, plus there's still not much clarity on what's actually changing I'm just going to carry on as usual until I know more :)

    Corinne x

  18. Yes, I also don't like it when they always change the settings, like in Facebook, I can't use Facebook acting as my FB page anymore. I wish they'd stop making unnecessary changes!

    The Flower Duet

  19. Yes it is! I despise FB!! I absolutely hate it, and hardly ever use it not personally or for my blog. And yup they are going to ruin IG as well.

    Allie of

  20. I hate this change on instagram. Kisses!

  21. Jackie,
    thanks for bringing this to my attention. I happily made the changes so i can be notified when you post.

  22. what a lovely post my dear
    your style is so amazing and inspiring
    simply love it!
    lovely :)
    with love your AMELY ROSE

  23. im actually waiting to see how the changes will affect our feeds jackie they said itll happen within the month. but ill make sure to still get updatesfrommy fave ppl :)

  24. I really like using instagram, but the constant changes are becoming a little tedious! It seems like they're always changing Facebook and Isntagram!

  25. Yes Jackie, I totally agree with you! They are trying to control the way we share everything. I think it's because they want to be the ones to control sponsored post posts. Next they are going to remove the button to get notified when your followers post something! This is why many people started using other social media networks like EyeEm (it is a lot like Instagram) but they don't harass us like Instagram does. Did you noticed you get a warning if you comment on your friends post too many times? They claim you are spamming!?!? Are you serious Instagram and facebook have gotten out of control!!! I feel like I have parents watching over me all of the time. Sorry for venting on your comment but great post Jackie :)

    1. Is okay to vent this is the first time I heard of EyeEM thanks for sharing. The warning on IG are ridiculous and silly they really do not know what they are doing to this app.

  26. I don't like this new change because I turned on notifications for all my blog sisters, and now I have to charge the battery on my phone twice a day. It is killing my phone. And the other thing is that if I check my notifications a few minutes late, I don't see your posts on my notifications. I only see people who followed me, liked pictures ,or commented. Thanks for this helpful post, love.

  27. They are really ruining a good thing, for the sake of sponsored and paid content. :(


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