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Here is a kit from E.L.F. All About Nude 32 Eyeshadow Palette with E.l.F . primer and two eye shadow brushes Let start with the packaging It come in a plastic shadow palette The price for this palette kit is 10 dollars not bad if looking for something and you do not want to spend to much money. Here is a closer look of one out of two of the eye shadow brush Here is the second eye shadow brush They pick up the product great and is durable. even after I wash them 3 times so far. Eye Primer it helps keep your shadow in place and last longer  You really have to work the wand to get product out I'm not to please with this eye primer. This palette has a strip on top of a mirror The shade selection are pretty Your left it starts  lighter to darker. These are the lighter colors on your left hand side of the palette Here are the shades from the middle of the eye shadow palette Here are the dar


(google image) If wondering how to determine what skin type you are, Try this trick  You have to know your skin type before starting a regimen. You could do more harm than good not accurately knowing what skin type you are. All you need is Blotting Paper Here are some of my suggestion,that work great for this trick. Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing 50 Sheets for $4.97 find here e.l.f Mattifying Blotting Paper 25  Sheets for $5.00 find here NYX Cosmetics Blotting Paper 50 Sheets for $3.99 find here BH Studio Pro Oil Blotting Paper 50 Sheets for $3.50 find here GOOD TO KNOW BH Studio always has sale TACHA Blotting Paper Original Aburatorigami 30 Sheets for $12.00 find here SHISEIDO Pureness Oil Control Blotting Paper 100 Sheets for 18.00 find here IMPORTANT NOTE Keep in mind we go through chang


Do you know Salmon is one of the most nutritious fish. No wonder I love it. It improves your health with every bite you are getting Vitamins like Zinc, Iron, Niacin, Vitamin B-12 and the obvious Omega-3 Which is so beneficial to beat bacteria and diseases is also great for your skin. You could eat 3-4 ounce to get what Salmon has to offer including healthy fat. GOOD TO KNOW Pink Salmon offer 44 micrograms of Selenium and Wild Sockeye offer 36 micrograms Selenium is a mineral that keeps your thyroid working properly and  it help boost your immune system. Microgram to Milligram Example 1 of micro gram = 0.001 milligram not much different. FAST COOKING WILD SOCKEYE SALMON FILLET INGREDIENTS 0.950 lb Wild Sockeye Salmon Fillet Pinch of Pink Himalayan Salt 1 Teaspoon of Fresh Squeeze Lemon 1 Teaspoon Olive Oil  1 Teaspoon Kraft Horseradish Sauce DIRECTION In a sauteed pan heated in medium heat add 1 teaspoon Olive O


If there is one thing I love is  purchasing Shimmer to highlight my face. A touch of glow will add a youthful look to anyone using product that give that gleam and perk up your complexion, naturally if apply with a light hand. Here are two I enjoy and are very reasonable Essence purchase at Target for around $3.49 Target and  J. Cats Beauty Love Struck purchase at Ulta for around $3 .99  Ulta ESSENCE SOO GLOW! Amazing product I will recommend it comes in two shades 10 Look on the bright sides Shown here and  20 Bright up your life 10 LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDES SHADE Gives you a champagne glow love to use it on my lips and inner corner of my eyes beside the cheekbones, nose bridge. Its creamy texture turns into a velvety powdery formula easy to apply and it last around 5 hours I'm impress due to the price  and the shimmer is perfect. It set pretty fast so apply in the right spot fast to enhance the look. Thi


When you getting older beside getting wiser, you need to maintain and prevent aging skin the best that you can. Some are simple advice to follow others is a little harder depending on your skin, Hormones are a big part of your skin changes. The routine should be consistent If you notice a product not working for you change it. Might be your skin need an extra boost. Regimen is the same for 40,50,60,70 Skin become more sensitive at 60 and over because your skin is thinning so find products that contains  vitamins A, E, C ,antioxidant and retinol for mature sensitve skin Disclaimer: I'm not a dermatologist please consult before using any of these products that may cause more of an issue on your skin, If you have allergy on a specific ingredients and already are in medication  or a specific treatment recommended by a dermatologist SKIN CARE FOR MATURE SKIN WHAT TO AVOID Sun Exposure without a high SPF Tanning Bed make your skin leather S


On June 13, 2016 was the Grand Opening of  Nellie's Southern Kitchen. Located in downtown Belmont, NC. Belmont is a town that has a history within its own and finding out that The Jonas Family also has a history going back in time its pretty interesting. Their took a 100 year old building and renovated into a two floor restaurant and  it's owned and operated by The Jonas Family. Paul Kevin Jonas Sr., Father of Jonas Brother wanted to pay tribute to his grandmother who passed in 2011. He wanted everyone to know how magnificent Nellie was and how she loved to cook for her family,  After a hard day at work from the Cotton Mill she will make a homemade meal by scratch. Yes, Ladies scratch. .. we all know that is not easy to do! Nellie did not mind so she makes her Biscuits, Deep Fried Chicken and one of her popular dish Chicken Dumpling by scratch. its  Paul Kevin   Jonas Sr.  favorite The restaurant is keeping the authentic southern foo