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Who said you cannot have all the flavor you love in one smoothie. All you have to do its add them in layer. Here is simple and delicious, TRIPLE SHOT SMOOTHIE INGREDIENTS FOR FIRST LAYER BANANA AND CHIA SMOOTHIE 2 Bananas Peeled and Slice 1 Tablespoon of Chia Seed 1/4 Cup of Cashew Milk 1 Tablespoon of Agave Nectar DIRECTIONS Add all ingredients in a blender Blend until Smooth Place in the fridge INGREDIENTS FOR SECOND LAYER RASPBERRY SMOOTHIE 1/3 Cup of Raspberry 1/4 Cup Coconut Water DIRECTIONS Add all ingredients in a blender Blend until Smooth Place in the Fridge INGREDIENTS FOR THIRD LAYER STRAWBERRY SMOOTHIE 1/4 Cup Strawberry 2 Tablespoon Yogurt 1/4 Cup of Coconut Water DIRECTIONS Add all ingredients in a blender Blend until Smooth Place in a glass TIME TO LAYER In a nice glass add Bottom Layer STRAWBERRY SMOOTHIE Middle Add RASPBERRY SMOOTHIE Add Top Layer BANANA CHIA SMOOTHIE You could layer how ever you like is all in


(ME) I had been getting plenty of question toward my way now more than  ever and some I wonder if the person its confident or do they need a positive push to start. I do feel that plenty of people do not move toward their goal due to fear of failing or lack of self-esteem. Some of these questions broke my Heart. Here are some question? I got by email and google.... That made me decide to write this not to knock anyone or put myself on any high horse is to motivate and  encourage anyone with the same question. I wish I was Smart? How can I be pretty? I wish I was you? How can I do that? (blogging) How can I start? (blogging) I want to be like you show me how? I cannot get Motivated to get Fit I will never lose weight? I would like to be fit like you but cannot do it? I wish people like me? How can I get people to like me on facebook or any media? I started my blog and no one notice I shut it down? I'm to old to


(google Image) THE FACE WE MAKE when we have to battle blackheads. So many ladies and gentleman have this problem we have plenty of product that will control blackheads, but for some reason they keep coming back. HOW TO BATTLE YOUR BLACKHEADS is always the question in so many minds. In order to know how!  We need to  find out what causes blackheads. WHAT CAUSES BLACKHEADS Hormones causes excess oil to be produce inside pores which stop them from flowing to the surface. The excess oil back up and dead skin cell clogged the pores. Air and oil expose to air oxidize making them turn black. GENTLE WAY TO REMOVE Place your face over a facial steamer to loosen them and remove with a comedone also known as blackheads extractor. Exfoliate with baking soda and water forming into a paste to prevent and control the blackheads. Deep Cleansing Clay mask that gets deep in the pores. HERE IS A LINK WITH HOMEMADE REMEDIES http://everyd


They are tanning products Then their is tanning Phenomenal Mousse By Tanning Expert Vita Liberata That tanning product is easy to apply moisturize your skin and give you a luxury tan that looks so natural. DISCLAIMER: I received this Phenomenal Tan Mousse by mail for the purpose of this review This had no bearing in how I felt about the product and my experience with it. Thank You Vita Liberata for another amazing product. WHAT IT DOES It last 2-3 weeks Moisturize Your Skin Super Fast Drying Gives a Natural Tan No Scent It Fades Naturally The Mouse Is Tinted Help To Ensure Even Application on your skin. 72 hours Skin Hydration Certified Organic Botanicals DOES NOT Does not transfer to your clothes or sheets Does not make you look orange Does not leave streak when apply the correct way Does not have a scent Does not contain PARABEN GOOD TO KNOW The World's first Non-Toxic and Organic Tan Free From Paraben, Perfume and


(google image) This is a question some ladies do ask with so many product we apply sometimes it could be confusing to some people. HERE ITS THE ORDER CLEANSER- To remove makeup to wash face deep clean Get rid of impurities TONER- To balance your skin use the toner for your skin type PH Balance Reduce Pores Refreshes Skin Get rid of grimes in your pores SPOT TREATMENT-  Blemish, Brown Spot Get rid of pimple To reduce redness To dry out a spot To reduce coloring of a brown spot SERUM- It absorb deep and it has a purpose for what your skin need like Vitamins E, C, Anti-Aging It smooth dry skin Brightening Acne Prevention Calm the skin EYE CREAM - For  to prep and prime also moisturize the eye area To reduce dark circles Puffiness Reduce wrinkles and crow feet Hydrate  MOISTURIZE- For  Day add a fast absorb moisturizer with SPF 30 For Night use a moisturizer that hydrate and make skin smooth and repairs you


Is that time of year again when my blender start to mix so many  delicious smoothie. Sharing one of my 2016 favorites GINGER CHIA TEA SMOOTHIE I love Chia Tea so this is one of my favorite You will get the best of both world Tea and Smoothie who does not want to try that. Inspiration from health magazine CHIA TEA BENEFITS GREAT ANTIOXIDANT HELP DIGESTIVE SYSTEM RELIEVES PMS REDUCE BLOATING You know I like to keep it simple so here it is INGREDIENTS 2 Bananas Peel and Slice 1 bag of Chia Tea 1 Cup of Low Fat Milk 1 1/2 Tablespoon of Plain Greek Yogurt 1 Teaspoon of Ginger 1/4 Teaspoon of Grated Nutmeg to Garnish. DIRECTIONS Bring the milk to  a boil Steep the Chia Tea for 5 minutes Place in the refrigerator until it chill completely Add all ingredients into the blender with the exception of nutmeg Blend until smooth Pour in a glass Garnish with 1/4 teaspoon of  Grated Nutmeg GOOD TO KNOW I found this


 THE ENTERTAINING TAKE PLACE OUTSIDE! All images are from PINTEREST Here are some ideas for your  next get together in your backyard. PROTECT YOUR SKIN KEEP THE BUGS AWAY Keep those bugs away and always protect your skin from them and the sun rays. SEATING AREA From simple to elegant ALL IN ONE PLACE UTENSILS Make it easy to grab and not wonder where the utensil. A DESTINATION FOR YOUR DRINKS How convenient to grab  and know your guest has everything they need within reach.  DISPLAY YOUR FOOD  GREAT IDEA FOR CONDIMENT AND KEEP THEM COOL ON A HOT DAY EASY DESERT BITES Food should be easy to grab to eat and delicious, like skewers. Its important to keep certain items like condiments, salad dressing, salsa, and sour cream in the right temperature when it is to hot outside. You do not want it to get spoil. Serve your dessert last  for it wont melt or get soggy.