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 Plenty of question flooded in regards what its the difference between serum and facial oils ?  Which  one will benefit the skin more and can it be use with moisturizer? I did a Nourish Organic Serum post and a Measurable Difference Lavender Oil post. Here its the link welcome to read. Measurable Difference Lavender Oil measurable-difference-lavender. Nourish Organic Serum nourish-organic-overnight-recovery. Here I will explain the difference between Serum and Facial Oils FACIAL SERUM FACIAL SERUM - Its a water base light weight containing vitamins and antioxidant certain natural ingredients that helps penetrate further into the skin  making it extremely effective, it comes in a dropper or pump container to be able to control how much you apply one to two drop should be sufficient. The serum penetrates into the layers of the skin,where moisturizer cannot it  stay in the surface, Serum able to go deep into the skin its able to combat


The drink of champions. A healthy way to start your day with boost of vitamins and nutrients. Helps with health and skin. So why not start with a green smoothie this one is creamy and very tasty you will never know it has spinach as an ingredient. BENEFITS Tangerine- Vitamin C & A Potassium, Flavonoids, Folate. Contribute to the health of  all parts of the body. Banana-Provide nutrients, helps weight loss goals, regulate heart rhythim and vitamin compounds for eyes also help with  keeping bowel healthy. Chia Seeds- Loaded with antioxidant high quality protein important benefit for body and brain. Yogurt- Help reduce the risk Osteoporosis Vitamin D and Calcuim Help support the immune system. Cashew Milk- Vitamin A, B12, D SPINACH TANGERINE BANANA SMOOTHIE INGREDIENTS 1 teaspoon Chia Seeds 1 Tangerine (peeled) 2 Bananas (peeled) 2 Tablespoons Vanilla Yogurt (Dannon Oikos) 1 1/2 Cup Organic Baby Spinach


(ME) These product are my Summer favorites I could not get enough of and my face look fresh and natural  all Summer long. JACKIE'S SUMMER SKIN AND BEAUTY FAVORITE  DAY MOISTURIZER and UNDER EYES CREAM JILL SCALISI SKIN CARE I did a review on this product you could read here scalisi-skincare-review I cannot get enough of this eyes and face product MY NIGHT REGIMEN NOURISH ORGANIC 100% VEGAN I love knowing that at night my skin is recovering while I'm sleeping with no harsh chemicals full review on these products you could read here Nourish Organic Overnight Recovery Serum and Restorative Night Cream Review Maybelline Fit Me Matte Poreless Foundation I did not use primer since I like to wear less on my face this foundation stand its ground light and gives a medium to full coverage also it did not melt away in those hot summer days. WET N WILD COLORICON ROSE CHAMPAGNE (326B) This shade has a slight gl


This find is the best hydrating body oil I had try its soothing and great not just for your body but for your face. This gem is called MEASURABLE DIFFERENCE LAVENDER HYDRATING BODY OIL The scent is mild and I had put drop in my bath to soak my body.   I also apply it on directly and use a few drop in my night time moisturizer. It calms reliefs and makes me feel very relax after a hard day of work. The classic lavender scent, set your mind to a peaceful relaxing mode. Here is where you could get one The oil is not heavy is light and soak into your skin without leaving a greasy feeling its organic and this company make plenty of other organic oils and organic makeup. Enjoy a Spa moment in the comfort of your home. It come in a glass container 4 fl oz  Dropper handle - No Worries of Contamination One Single Drop Is All You Need To Put You In A Relax Mode  Here you see they use only but the best ingred


Green smoothies are so delicious and good for your health. I like to try all different version with the ingredients I have at the moment. Here I Share: GINGER MANGO SPINACH SMOOTHIE INGREDIENTS 1 Banana Slice 1/2 Cucumber Peeled and Slice 2 Cups of Fresh Spinach 1 Teaspoon of Grated Ginger 1/4 Cup of Goya Mango Juice IMPORTANT NOTE If you cannot find the Mango Juice by Goya Just use a fresh mango peeled and slice. OR Frozen Mango DIRECTIONS Place all ingredients in a blender. Blend until smooth. THE BENEFITS IN DRINKING MY GINGER MANGO SPINACH SMOOTHIE Banana - Protect you from body cramp after workout Rich in pectin help with digestion Spinach- Vitamin A, K, B12, B6,  E, C, B1 Provide nutrients, keep your brain young  eyes healthy Cucumber - Keeps you hydrated, Flushes out Toxin Aids in weight loss. Ginger- Reduce body sore like joint pain and stiffness Mango Juice- Vitamin C, Po


Place your makeup in the right places, Its a start if you not a makeup artist or  you starting out.  Some ladies still wonder When they hear brow arch they like where above or below? Now you will know! I also will share some tips found in People Stylewatch Magazine that might come in handy. THE RIGHT SPOT TO APPLY THE MAKEUP! (me) 1- Hairline- Where hair meets your forehead 2- Brow Arch- The highest point of your eyebrow 3- Temple- The spot just beyond the end of your brow 4- Apple Of Your Cheek- Circle shape easiest to find when you smile the rounded area of your cheek 4- Cheekbone - Top Line the highest point on your cheek 4- Hollow of Cheek - Below Line the concave section under  your cheekbone. 5- Bridge Of Nose- The part that runs vertically down the middle of your nose 6- Cupid Bow -  Above lip- The V shape that dips into the center of your lip  7- Tightline - The area right below your upper lashes 8- Waterline- The tiny rim


Looking for a smoothie that give a burst of energy and a boost to your health. Try my  MANGO TANGERINE CHIA SEEDS SMOOTHIE THE BENEFITS IN DRINKING THIS SMOOTHIE WITH THESE INGREDIENTS MANGO- Clear Skin, Improves The Eye Health, Improves Digestion, Help Fight Heat Stroke, Fight Cancer, Keep Cholesterol in Check. TANGERINE- Fight Skin Diseases, Arthritis, High In Fiber, Vitamin C BANANA- Provide A Healthy Heart, Control Your Blood Sugar, Help to Make You More Alert, Lower Blood Pressure and High in Fiber and Potassium. CHIA SEEDS- High in Omega 3 Fat, Calcium For Bones, Improves Type Two Diabetics, High in Fiber and Protein, Rich In Antioxidant, Help Promote Healthy  Skin, Hair And Nails. INGREDIENTS 2 Tangerine (Peeled) 1 Mango (Peeled and Dice) 1 Banana (Peeled and Slice) 1 Teaspoon Chia Seeds 1 Tsp Agave 1/4 Cup Cashew Milk GOOD TO KNOW You could freeze the banana and use frozen. DIRECTIONS Place