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Besthairstore Reviews
I have to say these hair clip on extensions
I highly recommend especially
for first timers or anyone who
is looking to change their look.
Why You Ask?
Let start with the price which
its reasonable for real hair extensions.
 The texture of the hair
its real hair the texture its amazing
with no static or tangles.
The length start from 18" to 20"
Length its base on your preference.
The shipping service its fast
so you know if you need it for
a special occasion this
its the website to order from
it will get to you on time.

Here You See The Packaging
The Hair Clip On Extensions
Also Complimentary Extra The 
Mink Lashes and Combs
Which I Appreciate.
Disclaimer: I receive these hair clip extensions courtesy of 
Besthairstore for the intention of this review.
My words are solely my own due to my experience
with the hair clip extensions this its all base on my experience.
The fact of getting the product did not change how I feel about it.
All website and product its own by 
To learn more click here
I cannot be held responsible for their hair extension products.

I have to say I'm not one who wear hair extension but after
trying besthairstore it sure change my mind in updating a look.
I saw a big difference and it felt so real,
If you follow me on Instagram you must had seen
the IG Story me swinging the hair clip extensions back and forth
to show how stable they stay in and you do not have to
worry about them falling out. 
In case that its one of your concerns.

Let me show you what I decided to go with
You will find here

The color Chestnut #4
Comes with 7 pieces
and the original price $199.00
its on sale for $89.90
if you want to try this color
or any other my advice
get yours now

The Extension Come In A Plastic Case
Like This To Prevent Damage.
The Case Could Be Reuse
To Stored The Hair Extension
I Reused It.

On The Right Hand Corner Of Packaging
Label Shows The Length and Color

When I Took Them Out They Look
Like This All  7 Clips Hair Extensions
Attached In One.
No Tangle No Smell.
That's A Good Thing.

Looks And Feel Real

You Get One Of
The First Set Its 4 Track
Clip On Hair Extensions

The Clips Match Perfectly With The
Hair Color And They Are Stainless

See A Closer Look The Clip Are
Located Right On The Seam Of The
Hair Extensions

You Get Two Of The
Three Track Clip
Hair Extensions

Showing Three Track Clip On
Hair Extensions

You Get Two of Two Track
Clip On Hair Extensions

Lastly you get Two of the One Extensions
Perfect To Place On The Front
Side of Hair.

These Images Its Showing
My Back Of My Hair
With The 4 Track Attached
I Wanted You To See How
Well Attached They Stay
And How Close The Color
Matches With My Hair.

Attaching The Clip On Hair Extension Its
Easy To Do.
In No Time You Will Update Your Look.

Image Of Before
My Hair
Which Its Cut In Layer

Image Of After
 Look How Full And How Much
Length It Added To My Hair
With 120 Grams Weight
and Chestnut Color #4
Do You Agree!!!
Did This Convince You Yet To Try It Out.

1-Its 100% Grade 6A Human Hair
2-You Can Wash or Dry Them
3-Straighten and Curl
4-Free Tangle
5- No Shedding
6- With Proper Care Last About 6 Months

My Experience

1- No Smell
2- Free Tangle
3-Easy To Attached
4- Give Fullness and Length
5- Straighten Perfectly

I had not Wash or Dry as well as Curl to be able to
give an opinion on those claims but reassure that
when I do I will share on IG Story.

The Cons
Wish They Have More Selection
In The Shades Of Browns
Since They Are So Many Shades
Of Brown Out There
Makes It Convenient To Find Your Exact Shade
I Got Lucky That Chestnut Suit Me Perfectly.

So Far I had Them For Already A Week
And I'm Satisfy with the product.
So If This Its Your First Time
or Want A New Look
Look No Further Than

If You Like The Color Chestnut #4 And Length 18" 120 Gram I'm Wearing Here.
You Welcome To  Get It Here



I Could Swing My Hair
With Confident
besthairstore Hair Extension Clips

Images With
Extensions On

Ladies What You Think About These Hair Extensions Clip
Is it something you will consider trying out?


  1. I've always wanted to try extensions. Looks gorgeous...and natural!

  2. So beautiful, I love the result!
    Love, Paola.

  3. These wud b amazing fr me as I have scanty hair esp in the front.. the results r amazing on you.. thanks fr sharing

  4. First I saw you with the hair extensions at Instagram and was excited. You look amazing, your hair looks amazing. This looks very natural!!

  5. These blend in so well with your natural hair and they seem easy to use too.

  6. I love the results. This looks very beautiful and natural.

  7. This is so nice!!!


  8. I love the results you got Jackie! I wasn't open to hair extensions before, but I have become highly interested lately. Would totally try them now!


  9. Que maximo arrasou lindos cabelos, obrigado pela visita.

  10. Beautiful hair!
    Have a nice week!
    Gil Zetbase

  11. The extensions blend in so well with your hair! Beautiful pictures Jackie!

  12. Oh wow, love them! Your pictures are great! I personally bought some recently because I am preparing for a wedding; and needed more hair for the style I am going to do. I purchased them through Ebay for pretty cheap; and was very impressed with the quality.

    I am definitely looking for other stores I can purchase from regularly; and based on your review, would love to look into this company more!

    Thank you for the post!

    Rica Marie xx

  13. You look fantastic in these Jackie! I much prefer clip extensions as they are much kinder on the hair.

    Keisha xo
    The Chrysalis Gal

  14. The length and the color are just perfect. I will definitely check them out.

  15. They look really good!


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