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(Google Image) DID YOU KNOW THERE IS DIFFERENT TYPES OF VEGETARIANS I do enjoy my vegetable and vegetarian dishes, let me take a moment to clarify I'm not a vegetarian.  I like to call myself Epicurious love to try out different dishes. (Diabete magazine information) Vegetarian cuisine is not one size fits all some vegetarian prefer plant-base foods and stay away from animal protein. Some also stay away from diary products and eggs. Their are so many classification you need to find out which one will suit you best. Here its a list of the option 1- Vegans -Do not consume animal products such as honey. 2- A lacto-Ovo Vegetarian - Eats a less restrictive diet including  eggs and most diary product. 3- Flexitarians- Regularly seek vegetarian foods but also eat meat. 4-Pescatarians - Often consider themselves vegetarian, but eat fish-- No meat or poultry. 5- Fruitarians - A subgroup of vegans who thrive on the fruit of trees, shrubs, etc, Th


These are products that I receive by mail from a Distributor Jennifer Rodriguez. These products are from Nuskin Enterprise a company that developed and sell multi care products from different brands. Their website offers variety  of care products from skin to teeth. How convenient is that no matter what you need you find in one website. Disclaimer:  I receiveed these brand products  from Distributor Jennifer Rodriguez  products belong to NuSKIN Enterprise   for the intention of this review. My words are solely my own due to my experience with AP24 Toothpaste, Epoch Sole Solution and Glacial Marine Mud mask. The fact of getting these products did not change how I feel about them. All website link and product its own by The product sold by Distributor I cannot be held responsible for NuSkin products. Here its what I received  Ap24 Toothpaste  Epoch Sole Solution Epoch Glacial M


Many of you seen this on my IG Story BANANA CC SMOOTHIE I ask you all If you could guest the ingredients? and I was requested to please add the recipe on  my blog or IG. Here it is guys all 100 's of you thanks so much for the support. INGREDIENTS 3-4 Bananas Slice  1 Tablespoon Agave Nectar 1/4 Cup Coconut Almond Milk 1 Teaspoon Cinnamon DIRECTIONS Blend well and Serve COCONUT ALMOND MILK THIS BRAND AMAZING CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF IT ITS 100% VEGAN-LOW SATURATED FAT- LACTOSE FREE-SOY FREE CARRAGEENAN FREE  TRY THIS AGAVE NECTAR ITS LIGHT AND ORGANIC 1 TEASPOON CINNAMON POWDER RESULTS GOOD TO KNOW WHAT IS CARRAGEENAN? A red edible seaweeds its widely use by food industry for gelling, thickening and stabilizing properties. DISCLAIMER: ABOVE BASE IN RESEARCH ENJOY ALWAYS BEAUTIFY YOUR HEALTH!!!!


(all images from Google) Its a fact that we focus so much on our face and skin but we do no take in mind that taking care of your under eyes its a whole different regimen. Here I will share some of  tips I had try due to research. DISCLAIMER: Not A Dermatologist or Skin Expert   Our under-eyes are the most sensitive since its thinner so we have to take extra care.  The skin its so soft and gentle by being rough you could do more damage than good. Taking proper care we reduce fine lines and wrinkles. I like taking the natural approach before  considering what its in the market.  Keep in mind you will have to buy a cream that  takes care of each issue maybe two  Example- If your problem its  dark circle you need a cream that lighten it. If your issues its puffiness you need a cream to reduce. You get the picture! Here are easy way to take care of your under eyes without the pocket expense. It might surprise you they are simple


Ladies and Gentleman go to your farmers market pick up the best blueberries and kiwi you could find and get that blender going. Is so much fun to create different tasty smoothie Here is my new recipe FIJI BLUEBERRY KIWI SMOOTHIE INGREDIENTS 1 Cup Fiji Water (Cold) 1 1/4 Cup Blueberries 2 Kiwi Peel and Slice 1 Banana Slice 1 Tablespoon Agave Nectar 3 Tablespoon Plain Non-Fat Milk Greek Yogurt ( Chobani Brand) DIRECTION Place all ingredients in a blender blend until smooth serve and enjoy. IMAGES YOGURT  I USE FIJI WATER Best hydrating Water ENJOY ALWAYS BEAUTIFY YOUR HEALTH!!!


This facial cleanser works amazing. I believe you should have every appropriate tool to clean your face and get the makeup and environmental dirt out of your pores. I had try the shower one from this company Now why not try the facial one. Glad I did for 12.99  found in If you recall I discuss about The Spin Spa Shower several weeks ago and I was please in how it leaves my skin after the shower. Here its the link if you want to know more about it Pampering In The Shower This is the facial tool cleanser it comes with two brush head Its battery operated and   easy to add the attachment and the handle its convenient to hold. It Cleans, Refresh and Revitalize thats what the company claims and its true. THE HYPE There its such a big hype about facial brush cleanser plenty of beauty company had come out with their own  reasonable version Oil Olay, Neutrogena etc.... Clarisonic its the most popular one an


I usually make Gravlax with Vodka on special  occasion I decided to try a different liquor  and see if the result are similar. I will said I could not tell the difference It has the same distinctive taste as the original Vodka Gravlax recipe. The liquor I decided to use was White Rum and I guess I will continue I like the mild yet buttery taste it gave to the salmon. This is a simple procedure to cure salmon with salt mixture, if you were to buy Gravlax it will be pretty expensive. I like the idea that I made it and know it was done with love and I'm able to share. I was very happy with the taste and waiting period it takes to get to the right firmness of the fish, Unless you prefer slightly lighter cure that takes two days. My advice let it cure the time expected and mention on the recipe to get the full effect of the taste of Gravlax. NO VODKA GRAVLAX INGREDIENTS 1 1/2 Pounds Salmon Fillet, Skin On  4 Tables