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Got invited to a Holiday unexpected dinner or do not know what to give the hostess. Do not worry here is a simple fast way to give a hostess gift that looks thoughtful, Pretty to display and useful to flavor food. She or he will appreciate. The Tools You Will Need Glass Bottle Funnel You could recycle a wine bottle get a nice cork just make sure to clean very well no wine smell and also make sure is dry before using it, The bottle I use is a wine sangria bottle like the curve of it is perfect to make a flavorful oil and could be display in the kitchen. If you do not have a wine bottle you could use any of these in my Amazon Store Suggestion below press the link above or below the bottle. Glass Bottle Cork Bottles Swing Top Bottle INGREDIENTS Rosemary Enough to filled bottle about 2 Cups 1 Bottle of Good Extra Virgin Olive Oil enough to filled the bottle 2 Tablespoon Red Crushed Pepper DIRECTIONS In a medium Sauce


(google image above) Hi everyone this post is a little different I'm announcing the launch of my Store with Amazon Influencer!!! Here is my link from my Amazon Store for  Great Gifts Ideas You are welcome to purchase or If you looking for any specific item ask and I see what I could do. Amazon Shop/Beautify11Jackie Brands like  Bumble Bee, Eco Tools, Real Technique, Kitchen Aid and plenty more see and let me know what you think. Any suggestion will be helpful. Thank You Also welcome to follow my store Press at the below link and get notification on any new products I add to the store. Amazon Store/Beautify/Jackie Harrison ALWAYS BEAUTIFY ANYTHING YOU NEED!!!


I like Mule is warm and it  feel like the Holidays🎄 when I make this recipe. The fragrance that linger through the air brings a comfort knowing friends and family will enjoy as well. ( 21 and over of course) The good thing about this recipe you do not have to invest in a good bottle of wine a cheap wine will do. YOU MUST READ!!!! DISCLAIMER: You must be 21 and over to have this drink You should not drink and drive, Beautify by Jackie Harrison will not be responsible for anyone  who is below age, allergic to any of these ingredients,  and driving while intoxicated.  Here is my recipe: MY WINE MULE RECIPE INGREDIENTS 1 Bottle of Merlot 1 Cup of Sugar 1 Big Orange Slice 1 Gala Apple Slice 1 Star Anise 5 Whole Cloves 1 or 2 Cinnamon Sticks (I use one) DIRECTIONS Slice the Orange with skin on Slice the apple with skin on Place in a saucepan add  1 Star Anise, 5 Whole Cloves, One or Two Cinnamon Sticks, 1


(images from google) Christmas is around the corner no better time than to start thinking how to decorate. Yes, the tree is up and the wreath is at the door. Aren't you forgetting something a place where everyone gather to enjoy the Christmas Dinner Well of course is the Table! How can we forget. Here are inspirational ideas to get your creativity flooding for you to have a spectacular display. Checker Style The runner really make the statement and I could imagine how the scent compliment the look. Elegance with Simplicity Look how cute the napkin holder is so simple looks like a cuff of a blouse. The perfect table when looking to set it up with elegance. Buffalo Checker This print is big this year and is perfect for anyone, from farmhouse to contemporary so yes go all out. Black and white with a rustic look  how perfect.  Buffalo Checker Runner Few pop of green glasses and decor makes a mountai


(All Images Belongs To Beautify Jackie Harrison) Hi  everyone! I been getting so many question  in regard to what to serve for the holidays. Let start with this simple dish. Is elegant and you could add  different vegetable to your liking. In simple words you could make this dish for every day dish or Holiday Dish . Here is a fast easy simple recipe you might want to keep and serve in special occasion Hey your guest do not need to know. I wont tell if you don't!!!! ROASTED PORK LOIN IN THE BAG INGREDIENTS 5 lb of Pork Loin 1 Medium Onion Chopped 2 lb Red or Idaho Potatoes Dice 1 McCormick Bag with seasoning (get the pot roast one) Salt and Pepper to taste 1/4 Cup of Water My Suggestions I made this dish with only potatoes but you could add  Carrots, Celery, Acorn, Butternut, Parsnip or any vegetable you desire My advice used a vegetable that takes as long as the meat take to cook. It will come out perfect. DIRECT


(All Images From Google) Christmas tree is something we all look forward in getting and decorating. No matter if is fake or real all base on preference. It brings a warm exciting feeling knowing is Christmas. Its like we all become Picasso decorating a tree by choosing the decor and deciding the color and where to place the ornament, DO YOU AGREE? Here are some inspiration to get you started. FROST TREE Like how it cascade down and the neutral paper of the gifts. BLACK AND WHITE  Buffalo Checker makes a statement in this tree. SUPER EXTRAORDINARY HEIGHT If your tree is this tall keep it simple and top it with a  wow factor topper. FARMHOUSE TREE How beautiful and elegant yet very neutral and still makes a statement my type of tree. LADIES and GENTLEMAN hope this inspire you to get your tree up and decor soon. WHICH ONE IS YOUR FAVORITE?


(all images belong to beautify) How delicious is this classic  Penne Alla Vodka everyone has their ways in  making this recipe. I kept it simple and without butter so here is the way me and my family enjoy  Penne Alla Vodka INGREDIENTS 16 oz Penne Rigate 1 Cup of Absolute Vodka 28 oz Crushed Tomatoes 1/2 Cup Heavy Cream 1 Small Onions Dice 2 Clove of Garlic Minced 1/4 Tsp Red Crushed Pepper 1/4 Cup Parmesan Cheese 1 Tsp Salt 1 Tsp Fresh Ground Pepper TIP Let the alcohol cook for 10 minutes before adding the sauce. DIRECTIONS Follow the Penne Pasta direction from package Reserve 1/4 cup of Pasta Water In the meantime In a Sauce Pan Sauteed the Onions and Garlic Until translucent. Add the red crush pepper and the 1 cup of alcohol let the alcohol reduce. add the 28 oz of Crushed tomatoes cook for total 20 minutes add the 1 tsp of each salt and pepper let it cool a little than add the 1/2 cup of heavy cr


 (Google Images) Taking a moment to give some inspiration and to wish you and your family A HAPPY  THANKSGIVING DAY!!! I will be hosting and spending it with family. Here is some inspiration. Have a BLESS ONE! White Tablescape Recycle Bottle and Keep It Simple Add A Golden Apple PARTY IDEAS Mantel are so chic when decorated Loving these idea my favorite is the pumpkin half to add drinks is so cute. Ladies and Gentleman share wish one you will like?