Monday, July 23, 2018


Love when I receive natural all goodness
makeup for the skin Vegan, Organic, Natural, No chemicals.
So great for the skin.

Disclaimer: I received these Jane Iredale Makeup Product
Complimentary from Influenster, for the intent of review.
Thank You Influenster, So please with these products.

Let start with who is JANE IREDALE
The founder who came from London to
NYC to seek adventure and she found it.
Read more you will have a fund respect
how serious Jane Iredale is of her makeup line.
Her commitment to her customers and the environment
shows her character in making the best for consumer to buy.
Jane Iredale Story

Her words is so true Do You Agree Ladies?
The Brand now reaches woman of all ages and nationalities.
Embedded in the DNA is the belief that makeup is at its best
when it doesn't try to make a woman conform to the latest fashion trends,
but embraces her natural beauty and allows her personality to shine

Here is what I received in the package 
1- Pommisst Hydration Spray (3.04 fl oz)
2-Beauty Prep Facial Cleanser (mini .68 fl oz)
3- Beauty Prep Face Toner (mini .68 fl oz)
4- Beauty Prep Face Moisturizer (mini .34 fl oz)
5- Jane Iredale Refillable Compact 
5- Pure Pressed Base Mineral Foundation Refill  (.35 ounce actual size)
6- Handi Brush (actual size)

 Closer Look
 Beauty Prep Facial Cleanser, Toner
and Moisturizer

Beauty Prep Facial Cleanser
You apply with cotton ball and then rinse
This is a very different method in cleaning your face.,
but is light weight and you do see a difference
love the hint of citrus smell
and is so refreshing to the skin.

This cleanse product is design for makeup
to go on smoother and last longer.

Beauty Prep Face Toner

This awakens your skin you apply with cotton ball
as soon as it goes on your skin you feel
the difference.
Is ideal to use every day also a citrus smell
it refines your pores and has a balance of PH
Ladies you need to try it
cannot go wrong with a natural skincare.

This toner product is design for makeup
to go on smoother and last longer.

Beauty Prep Face Moisturizer

A small amount is all you need
this moisturizer give a new meaning to
combat a dry and need of hydration skin,
amazing and it goes on smooth and light
weight is not heavy to the skin.

This moisturizer product is design for makeup
to go on smoother and last longer.

Pommissit Hydration Spray
I cannot get enough of this spray
it refreshes and hydrate your skin.
Love the scent and how it keeps the makeup in place
the antioxidant is fighting free radical cause by sun exposure
is for all skin types.
If you try please share
I highly recommend it.

PurePressed Base Mineral Foundation
Light weight and it contain in certain shades
like this one SPF 20 other SPF 15
you will love how this powder blend
easily and it does not cake on to your face.
I love it and cannot believe it 
 last on for a long time.
I had it on for 9 hours and it looks
like I just apply it.
This Jane Iredale Pure pressed base mineral foundation
 beats Bareminerals in my opinion
and I usually do not compare brands.
 In this case I have to when the brand out-stand another. 
This press powder that you could press on or
use their brush which is also make it 
easier to apply this powder makes you look
 like your own skin when done.

The shade I use is Satin It looks amazing
will like to also get a darker shade.

Jane Iredale Refillable Compact
Perfect the company 
offer a recycle product
for us to use and could refill.
Beside is pretty in the rose gold
it has a saying inside.

Perfect to refill the foundation base.

Here is all refill with the foundation
 The foundation comes with a press applicator
you could also add into the refill compact

Now is ready to use and when done
purchase another and refill
great for the skin and environment no waste.


 Also available in goat hair
is amazing works well and
grab sufficient of the mineral powder
soft to apply the handle is easy to hold.

Ladies everything mention here is amazing I cannot pint
point which one is best all is best I highly recommend
for you to check their website all their skincare, makeup, tools you will
not be disappointed

Here is the link Jane Iredale


  1. Wow you have got some lovely products. I love these products. Would love to see them on your face.

    Have a very happy Monday 😘

  2. Love what the compact say inside. This sounds like an amazing skincare line. Have a great week.

  3. This is a great natural makeup brand. I've been a fan for years!

  4. Great products. Looks amazing skincare items.

  5. Perfect review, interesting products!
    Kisses, Paola.


  6. Yes, this makeup line seems extraordinary! I like the way most products can be applied with a simple cotton ball. I also think that hydration spray seems like an amazing, must have product !!

  7. These products sound amazing!

  8. The makeup line sounds super awesome

  9. Oh I used Jane Ardale for years. I used the mineral foundation. I loved it. I didn't realize they had expanded so much.

    Allie of

    1. It was the first time for me and I’m addicted lol

  10. Great set of products!


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