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Looking for a substantial recipe that will keep you and your family satisfy. Here is my smother's pork chop Is a simple delicious way to enjoy pork chop but not for the weight weary. Hey you only live once everything in moderation wont hurt as long as you have control. JACKIE'S SMOTHER PORK CHOP INGREDIENTS 2 -1/4 Cups of All Purpose Flour 1 Medium Onion Slice 1 lb Center Cut Pork Chops 10 Tablespoon of Vegetable Oil  1 Cup of Beef Broth 1/4 Teaspoon of Kosher Salt 1/4 Teaspoon Fresh Ground Pepper DIRECTIONS Seasoned pork chops with salt and pepper Coated all the pork chops with the 2 cups of flour Fried in vegetable oil until golden brown Repeat until you fried all the pork chops Drain pan in the same pan add slice onions Sauteed until translucent Add the 1/4 cup of flour Stir in slowly the 1 Cup of Beef Broth until is well incorporated and create  a smooth sauce bring to slight boil  for thickness Place Pork C


A must have in every household for seasoning. Black Peppercorns is a popular seasoning is the companion of salt. It has a spicy heat to it and a subtle sweetness that works in many dishes and in some desserts. BUYING AND STORING BLACK PEPPERCORNS Black Peppercorns, the dried small berries from the pepper plant are available in  Whole Cracked Ground The freshest flavor buy whole peppercorns than crack and grind as needed I always use Whole in my recipe. HOW TO STORED BLACK PEPPERCORNS Stored in a cool dark place whole peppercorns will retain their flavor for  at least a year. HOW TO USE WHOLE PEPPERCORNS It can be used whole to add flavor to stocks as well as poaching liquids for chicken or fish. CRACKED BLACK PEPPERCORNS To crack whole peppercorns spread evenly in a skillet, then press firmly with another skillet or heavy presser. Or Place in a plastic bag rest on a work surface and lightly pound with a rolling pin or


(All Google Images) GROWING OUT YOUR GRAYS This is the year to commit since natural silver locks are trending.  So if you want to take the route or was thinking about it, do not hesitate go for it. LIP POUT STANDING OUT I love my nudes and gloss. Is going to be hard to put them aside. This year is all about having shades that stand out on your lips so ladies if you  love your reds and shades that can be seen from distance this year is the time to play and see how you could make your pout stand out. NATURAL LIFT LASHES Ladies are giving themselves a natural lift is so trending this New Year. Organic Castor Oil is one of the products is being use to get that natural lift look and it works. It help lengthen and strengthen lashes. If you want to try this trend get your Castor Oil Here WITCH HAZEL Witch hazel if by now you do not have in your  regimen than get yours is a great old school


(google image) Here is some pan techniques and tips you will want to put to practice. HEATING THE OIL Always heat cooking oil in the pan before adding other ingredients, always swirl pan to coat bottom evenly. Not necessary if filling it with oil half way. The oil is hot enough if it sizzles when food is added To prevent spattering tip pan away from you allow oil to pool, and add food to side closer to you. SEARING MEATS  Browning or searing meat including poultry and seafood enhances its flavor and seals in juices. Let meat cook until it releases easily from the pan before turning; do not tear it loose. When other ingredients are to be added, brown meat first then remove from pan to prevent overcooking. DEGLAZING THE PAN After browning  meat or other ingredients, pour off any oil and deglaze the pan by adding water, stock or wine, than stirring with a wooden spoon to loosen the flavorful bits from the bottom. The liquid


(images from google) Here is a list 2019 new makeup you need to add to your makeup bag Dior Glow To The Max  It glow and soft to the lips also hydrates while looking great. L'OREAL INFALLABLE CONCEALER If you like the foundation you might want to try their concealer who also hide very well the imperfections. BENEFIT ROLLER LINE LIQUID EYELINER Another Benefit product that is comparable to their amazing Roller Lash Mascara so they decide to use the formula and make an liquid eyeliner. So if you like their mascara you might want to consider trying their liner. MORPHE FLUIDITY FOUNDATION Wow kudos to Morphe for tackling now the foundation they well known for shadow and especially makeup brushes let see if this will meet the hype. W3LL PEOPLE NUDEST EYESHADOW PALETTE A shadow so many want to try to get a nude look effortless yet make you look very well put together I apologize lack of image cannot find one t


Is a New Year fresh start for doing and learning new things. Here is a fresh start to my blog if you notice I made a big change and  kept it simple and easy to add comments and to  explore around my blog. Hope you like it share your opinion. Welcome 2019. I will like for  my first post to be about  Food Fact you might see a few this year that you might want to archive it will help to have knowledge of food and tips in the kitchen. Here is my first food fact I will like to share. LET'S TALK ABOUT EGGS NUTRITIONAL VALUE A large egg provides about six grams of protein, evenly between yolk and white is about seventy five calories. Yolk is higher in fat than the white. The yolk contains almost all the nutrients  including Vitamins A, D , and E Thiamin, Riboflavin,  Iron, Phosphorous  and Calcium. White are a great source of Potassium . Ladies and Gentleman keep in mind if  you eat eggs in moderation it will not affect your hea