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(image from google) Have you tried? Coconut Milk A staple in India, Asia, and Caribbean cuisines mild flavored coconut milk is used to enhance everything from curry to desserts. Disclaimer: All information base on internet research. You could find in your grocery store or small organic store. Their are plenty of variety cans some sweetened and some not. What Is Coconut Milk? Is made from shredded coconut that is simmered in water and strained to make a creamy liquid. It should not be confused with coconut cream which has less water and is sweetened. Reduced-fat coconut milk contains thickeners and other additives it is best to use small amounts of regular coconut milk instead. GOOD TO KNOW What to do when you open a can of coconut milk and you see a thick layer has risen to the top. You pour it into a small bowl and whisk until smooth. HOW TO STORE Once the can is opened, transfer the coconut milk to an airtight container; refrigerate up to a week.


(image from google) Here are tips if you follow these three simple steps to keep your frozen food fresh-tasting and no bacteria forming. Its also a good idea to add label  and date to the packaging also you could include  heating instruction will be helpful for you  in the long wrong.   Disclaimer: All information base on my research on internet. Fresh Herbs do not freeze well  they are meant to add to a dish when ready to serve COOLING Before storing hot foods be sure to cool them completely. This is important for two reason Hot foods will raise the temperature of the freezer, and also it slow the freezing time. When food is completely cool it will evenly freeze if not the center of dish may not freeze as quickly enough to prevent spoilage. STORING Use storage containers and  wrappings or ziploc designed for freezer. Example-- do not use a pantry item for freezer. When freezing in a baking dish wrap tightly. Try not to lea


(Images belong to me) I receive these product from Influencer/PeterThomasRoth for me to try them and give an honest opinion. As a blogger we always trying new skin care products and adding it to our regimen so is a constant change.  New skin care products give us the opportunity to see what works for the skin. Keep in mind what works for one might that works all. (DISCLAIMER:   I receive these Peptide21 products   by Influencer/PeterThomasRoth  for the intention of this review. My words are solely my own due to my experience with all three products. The fact of getting these products did not change how I feel about it. If you on a dermatologist regimen consult before using these products. In the box three generous size products with Thank you Influencer/PeterThomasRoth I got Peptide 21 Pads Peptide21 Wrinkle Resist Serum Peptide21 Lift & Firm Moisturizer  Peptide21 Lift & Firm Moisturizer The first thing I notice abou


This bowl is full on nutrient and benefits you get out of eating greens like kale, spinach  these ingredients in this soup. Disclaimer: All images belong to beautify and recipe is created by beautify kitchen. Here is one of my favorite soup I enjoy eating. CREAMY GREEN SOUP INGREDIENTS 2 Cups of Fresh Spinach 2 Cups Kale (No Stem) 1 Small Onion Dice 2 Garlic Clove Minced 1/4 Cup of Fresh Parsley Chopped 1 Tablespoon of Olive Oil 2 Cups Vegetable Broth 1 Teaspoon Salt 1 Teaspoon Fresh Ground Pepper 1 Teaspoon Cumin 1/4 Cup Coconut Milk (Thai) DIRECTIONS Sauteed Minced Garlic and Dice Onion in a Sauteed pan with 1 Tablespoon of Olive Oil until Translucent. Add 1 Teaspoon of Each Salt, Fresh Ground Pepper and Cumin. Add the 2 Cups Spinach, Kale and 1/4 Cup Fresh Parsley Chopped. Stir and Cook Until it Reduce Half Way,  Add the 2 Cups of Vegetable Broth. Simmer for 10 minutes bring to room temperature add to a blender blend until is all inco


I added this image on my Instagram account Here Beautify11Jackie and got plenty of question what do I use to get my skin to glow. The answer is simple Face Oil Thank you for all your kind comments and all the questions. We all have certain specification needs to our skin so you need to find the one that meets your needs to use. Here I will share the ones I had try and they do work. In due time you will see results. DISCLAIMER: I'm not a Dermatologist or A Facial Expert I share base on my own experience. If you have any skin issues please consult with your dermatologist before considering in using any of these products. MILANI  PREP * SOOTHE CAMELLIA Perfect oil for dry skin soothe redness and get your face prep for makeup  you could find in Ulta. USDA ORGANIC ROSEHIP SEED OIL This is a multipurpose oil is USDA ORGANIC CERTIFIED Pure, Natural Free of Hexane It does have a fishy smell but it is n


  Hi, ladies and Gentleman This post is a little different than what you use to reading on my blog. I had to write about this to encourage businesses to do the same. Is a unique invitation for a great course. It also help the community to help each other by bringing new customers to their businesses and bringing to light what the town has to offer. In this case is a small town outside of Charlotte, North Carolina called BELMONT it has awesome Southern History, and for all the Jonas Brothers Lover. They have their own family history here and they own a family restaurant call Nellie's. This is an invitation for enjoying the night learning about the business Belmont area has to offer.  To support a charity that help woman and their children get off the street. Lets start with the person who put it all together and the businesses who participated for this event. Her name is Kris the Owner of L.O.O.M. LASHING OUT OF MAIN Is a La