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Love this simple recipe anytime of the week the best thing of this recipe is tasty and no sugar is added. FAST EASY BEEF AND BROCCOLI INGREDIENTS 1 lb of Flank Steak slice thin 1 Cup of  All Purpose Flour 2 Tablespoon of Cornstarch 2/3 Cup Soy Sauce (low sodium) 1/4 Cup Beef Broth 1/2 of lemon juice 2 Garlic Cloves minced Small Onion Slice One Can 8 oz slice Water Chestnuts (Brand Dynasty) 1 Small head of broccoli,Cut into florets 1 Teaspoon Salt and Pepper 3 Tablespoon Canola Oil DIRECTIONS I n a small bowl mix together 2/3 cup of Soy Sauce, 1/4 cup Beef Broth  and 2 Tablespoon of Cornstarch and the Minced Garlic. Meanwhile season with salt, pepper and  coated the flank steak with the  1 cup flour Add 1 Tablespoon of vegetable oil  at a time to the wok and seared the flank steak for three minutes until is slight brown. cook in batches. Remove from wok add broccoli and onions cook for 3 minutes  Remove from


In my last Beauty Products Haul all that was requested to  review, I been doing and here is another product from that haul.  I been using for a month day and night. DISCLAIMER: If you have a skin issue, or are very sensitive to product consult with your dermatologist before using. Take in consideration what works for one might not work for all. Always read ingredients of skin products before using. This is not a collaboration or sponsor is all base on my experience. Sonoma Naturals Day Vitamin C Night Retinol They are Paraben, Fragrance free, cruelty free and it works for all skin types. Anti-aging products Vitamin C Smoothing & Brightening Serum It comes with a dropper A small amount is all you need for face and neck. It absorb fast no greasing or residue feel. I like using it with my Jade Roller here is the link in case you had not read that review Jade Roller Review Use SPF after applying this product. Retino


I was in a creative mood when this recipe came to light. LAVENDER HERBES DE PROVENCE PORK CHOP WITH RED WINE SAUCE This combo is very divine and so delicious that you might consider in serving it in  the holidays to impress. INGREDIENTS PORK 2-3 LB Pork Chop with bone less than 1/4 inch thick 1 Teaspoon of Salt (I use ground Sea Salt) 1 Teaspoon Fresh Ground Black Pepper 1 Teaspoon Paprika 1 Teaspoon of Lavender Herbes De Provence  DIRECTIONS Preheat oven 425 degrees Bake pork chop for 15-20 minutes Lightly brown Continue below INGREDIENTS FOR RED WINE GLAZE 2 Tablespoon of unsalted butter 1 Tablespoon Flour 1 Cup of Red Wine (MERLOT) (it reduces in half) 1 Tablespoon Honey DIRECTIONS In a large saucepan add 2 Tablespoon of unsalted butter Melted add 1 tablespoon flour Stir until it turn into roux Add the wine slowly while stirring continue stirring until roux dissolve and wine looks cr


NIA GOLD FIRMING BODY OIL 24KT GOLD CAVIAR I purchase this a while back when I did a haul and due to followers request, wanting me to do review on certain products. I been sharing my experiences. So here is another product from the haul. This is the package. It is a cruelty free and vegan product Notice the ingredients This is short on point what product Nia Gold Firming Body Oil 24KT Gold Caviar promise it will do for your skin. It also does not contain Paraben and Alcohol. The serum is clear  It gives a slight glow but this images does not do justice. NIA GOLD FIRMING BODY OIL 24KT GOLD CAVIAR What it promise Firm and Tones problem area Diminish Cellulite and Stretch Marks Work into upper arms, tummy, hips, and thigh help energize sluggish area JACKIE'S EXPERIENCE The purpose I purchase this product to hydrate the dry areas on my legs. I get in the Summer it could be due to extreme heat. 1- I like how