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I decided out of request to do a Vegan Pantry but I like to clarify! I enjoy cooking and eating in moderation and by any means am I a Full Vegan.  I do enjoy incorporating Vegan Meal into my diet. Here are some Vegan Pantry essentials. ARTICHOKES HALVES Is good to add to pasta or  a quinoa salad Great source of antioxidant. SUNFLOWER SEEDS Great topping in salad vegetable stew to add a crunch. It has anti-inflammatory benefits. COCONUT FLAKES I enjoy making my own  coconut milk so this is a way to have coconut milk on hand without concern of to much preservatives. NUTS Cashew is so versatile, make parmessan, dips, milk, creamer and enjoy snacking on/ Almond is also great use the milk pulp as breakfast bowl make flour bake goods etc. Oats another way to enjoy milk and the pulp could be added to smoothie for a nutrition breakfast or snack. PASTA You could make pasta salad, hot pasta meal and bake pasta So many ways to incorported I use Gluten Free Organic Pasta ORGANIC TOMATO SAUCE Gr


(all Images from google) This information was so interesting to me to hear that I took notes and had to share with you guys. I'm far from a nutritionist but I do plenty of research that will help me consume the right sweets without guilt or concerns. All of this information was from Amy Register Dietitian and Nutritionist .  I came across on Instagram. Disclaimer: If you have any allergies or medical condition please consult with your physician before consuming any of these sweets. We have to be smart in what we put in our body and also not fall in the trap everything is bad for you some of these food we avoid has benefits. I believe if you have a medical condition or reaction is understandable not to consume. HONEY I prefer raw or organic Raw Honey in particular contains enzymes and vitamins that can be beneficial to your health. It also has a smaller impact on your blood sugar than regular white sugar does.   MAPLE SYRUP Natural form of sugar made from sap of maple trees. It has


On my birthday I got this  PHILLIP's SOUP MAKER as a gift absolutely love it. It so convenient and fast to make soup hot or cold but wait it does not just make soup. It also makes compote and smoothies. It Has Five Functions Symbol and Timing Information Was On Booklet Pureed Soup - 18 Minutes Chunky Soup - 18 Minutes Milk Based Soup - 35 Minutes Compote -12 Minutes Cold Soup/Smoothie - 3 Minutes In no time you will enjoy a bowl of soup or a glass of smoothie. You tell me how convenient can this small appliance be. I love soup and in the summer who want to be in the kitchen. I already put to the test the cold soup this is my first but will not be my last. The recipe is from the booklet that comes along with the Phillip's Soup Maker has so many tasty recipes to try. Here below is the page for  Chilled Cucumber and Avocado Soup Vegan indeed I follow the instructions Below are the dice ingredients I added all ingredients to the Phillip's Soup Maker I Press the required functi


Good To Know About Spices and the benefits you get from them. Beside adding to the food to boost the flavor you know now the benefit of them to help you boost your nutrients. BLACK PEPPER Boosts Absorption Of Certain Nutrients CAYENNE Helps Regulate Appetite Boosts Fat Burning CINNAMON Lower Blood Sugar  Potent Antioxidant CUMIN Aids indigestion Full Source of Iron CARDAMON Seed or Ground Possible Healer For Ulcers Prevent Cavities PINK SALT AKA HIMALAYAN SALT Aid Hydration Low in Sodium Contain 84 Different Trace of Minerals SEA SALT Trace source of Minerals Including Potassium, Iron and Calcium TURMERIC Fight Inflammatory Antioxidant Lower Risk Of Brain Risk Ladies and Gentleman share your favorite spice and what benefits do you get from it?


Compound Butter If you do not know or had never try  here is what Compound Butter made of. A mixture of butter and supplement ingredients to enhance flavor in various dishes. The ingredients are endless you could use spice, herbs, cheese, wine, broth and lemon onions, garlic. Its almost like a gourmet sauce but in a butter form. Great for all type of dishes like Steak, Chicken, Vegetables, Fish Breads and so on. I made four version that I love adding to my Steak, Fish, Chicken , Veggies and other foods. The First One Lemon, Pink Salt Compound Butter Ingredients Half of Stick of Soften Butter Zest of one lemon 1 Tablespoon Lemon Juice 1/4 Teaspoon Pink Salt (Hymalayan Salt) TIP Increase the ingredients if using one stick of butter Directions Add all ingredients in a bowl smash it together until all ingredients are incorporated into the butter place compound butter into the middle of a saran wrap fold forward and shape the butter than rolled forward until seal twisting both end and fo