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In the past few weeks my face had felt itchy and irritated. I came across these Day and Night moisturizer by BURT'S BEES and decided to give it a try. Wow and Wow after a week I felt a difference and my skin felt smooth and no redness. I was astonish with the result and how fast I saw and felt the result on my face after using it for a week. Here is the Burt's Bees Day Moisturizer for sensitive skin THE MAIN INGREDIENT Cotton Extract- Help skin replenish outer layer and minimize the effects of potential irritants. Disclaimer: If you are allergic to Cotton Extract consult with dermatologist before using these product. Rice Aloe It comes in a hypoallergenic package which is convenient to get the product. PRO No fragrance No Parabens No Phthalates No Petrolatum or SLS The texture of the moisturizer very light and almost watering. It absorb well and fast into the skin CON 1.8 ounce  which it was more It does not contain SPF so you have to use spf before applying. Here you see the t


                                                                                         This is one of those mirror that you will be surprise how well it works for the price I got it at Amazon. They are not joking when their mission is to make beauty routine easier and more  effective. Above is the first thing you read when you get the mirror out of the box. If is good enough for a makeup artist is good enough for me.                                                                                                    Detail instruction in how to put together and use it. Comes with a 15X magnify which  I love when applying mascara or falsies. The size is perfect to place on a vanity or any flat surface. It could tilt horizontal, Vertical and 90 degree back and forward The key to having makeup and skincare apply well is having a great mirror to glow in three choice lighting. This mirror has a 15 X magnify perfect to apply eye makeup, mascara and falsie lashes. Is removable so you could pl


This product is on point and I was surprise how many mix reviews it had. So I decided to write a full review about  this product to give you all a honest opinion. I been using this Strivectin for a month and I see my dark circle diminish and brighten around my eye. I also see tighten so the moral of this product A consistent regimen will give you result. I could speak for my self it took a month, but who to say it will take longer or less for someone else. I use consistently day and night. PRO A small drop goes a long way It absorb fast Is not greasy or sticky No fragrance You could use day or night Con It takes a month to see result Not for the person who wants a fast solution. IMAGES OF THE PRODUCT The consistency of the cream thick Do I recommend this product yes if you willing to add to your regimen.... If you looking for a fast solution to your under eye problem than this product is not for you. Ladies had you try this product is so share below your experience.....