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I started to notice is easier to do a unique decor of your own than having the same  as everyone else what sell in the store... Do You Agree? Do not take me wrong they do have plenty that I will consider due because the are so beautiful and some I will not replica who wants to cut wood lol. Well Fall is a few days away this is a great way to start your Fall Decor..... without breaking your bank. Let's Embrace The New Season Fall🍂 HERE ARE THE TOOLS YOU WILL NEED All items from Dollar Tree Galvanized Vase Or glass if you prefer glass I like it to look more farm like Grape Maple Oak Fall Leaves Floral Buy for a dollars as many as you need I purchase 4  Pumpkin Picks You Get 8 In a Package White Foam Disks (2 in a package) INSTRUCTIONS Cut foam disk around shape to fit in the vase Place Grape Maple Oak Fall Leaves Floral one at a time into the white foam disks until you are satisfy in how it looks Place the Pumpkin Picks one at a time on to white foam disk to cover the empty space it


This summer I enjoy using Mist Fragrances from Victoria Secret . I could not get enough that I needed to try for the fall Warm and Cozy which I absolutely love. Is a settle coconut but with bling radiant  sparkle in the mist and a heavenly smell. I absolutely recommend when you want a light not heavy fragrance this is a perfect one to apply when heading for errands, gym or stores. All that I mention below👇 I hope they continue with it because it was my must have fragrances this Spring and Summer. No mosquito got near me I was not heavy in fragrance on a hot humid day. Perfect to sport these fragrances when weather gets hot🌞 BRONZED COCONUT                                                                    This fragrance remind me of all the islands I had visit.  Is a delicious cool clean   with a peek of coconut scent. WATER SCRUB BODY POLISH                                                 I will use this all year long to prep my skin to renew my  skin. Getting it ready for any seas


This is perfect to reduce your  dark spot if you have a skin spot from sun or other source, this product will put you at ease to know it works in reducing and  coming close to fading it. I'm starting to gravitate toward more organic skin products that stand by what they promise. PRO Cruelty Free Parabens Free Phthalates Free SLS or Petroleum Free Creamy milky texture A little goes a long way Apply to skin as a targeted spot treatment All over for a healthy looking glow Contains Vitamin C It absorb fast into the skin and you could add to your skin routine without concern is going to cause any issue. Use AM or PM CONS I have none very please in how it works on my skin and I saw result with the glow and the fading of the dark spot It comes in a hyperallergenic bottle (glass with dropper) It a simple way to get the product and apply no waste. Ladies had you try Burt's Bees Dark Spot Corrector Renewal If so share your experience.....  


    I have to start this blog by stating how high this Summer temperature has been and the humidity by me to the extreme. This will give you a perspective why  I decided to try this product when I first lay my eyes on it in Costco. The statement 10 in 1 Primer was like Mmm well you caught my attention... Strengthens , Heat Protector and Reduces Frizz well let see how well it stood up in this extreme humidity. I was excited to give this product a try when they promise so much this was a great time to put to the test. What the brand promise Strengthens Heat Protector Reduces Frizz Detangles Softens Cuts Drying Time Add Shine Nourishes Smooth UV Protection THE PRO Perfect for all hair types It Strengthen I see a big difference 90 Percent Heat Protection   100 percent Detangles 100 percent Soften 90 Percent Cut Drying Time   100 percent Add Shines I saw a 90 percent difference Nourishes 90 Percent Smooth 100 percent UV Protection I really cannot answer this  because I really do not s